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By | May 11, 2013

Restless Spirit by Sommer MarsdenSommer Loving – Reviewed by RedCheeks, a Married Bisexual Female

Having mainly read compilations of short stories in my experience with erotica, I was both excited to be reading a full length erotic novel and curious as to whether it would be able to hold my attention after my years of reading of short erotic stories.

Restless Spirit, written by Sommer Marsden is just under two hundred and fifty pages in length and printed by Xcite books. With several other Xcite books in my collection I was definitely pleased to be adding another title to my Xcite library. While looking for information on the author Sommer Marsden I quickly found that she not only has a good deal of experience in writing erotica but is also hailed as one of the top storytellers in the erotica genre. With this in mind I was eager to enjoy a short holiday away with my copy of Restless Spirit thoughtfully packed to bring along.

The front cover of Restless Spirit features a woman looking full of desire, very in fitting with the story within. The back cover shows other titles available by Xcite including ‘The best of Sommer Marsden’. As described on the back of the book, Restless Spirit tells the story of a woman who walks out on an abusive relationship, then inherits her grandmother’s house and finds herself surrounded by erotic enticements.

Starting out with the characters move to a new town, it’s a pleasure to get to know the quite down to earth and likeable character that is Tuesday Cane. Soon after her move, we are introduced to men, both new and old who are drawn in by Tuesday’s charms. The men in the book are generally big and burly types but all with quite differing personalities and tastes. The first scene in the story to get me hot was actually a fantasy and masturbation scene; phew I never knew I had such a visual imagination!

Reading on, I was delighted to find the story both thoughtful and believable while still erotically charged and filled with steamy encounters. With a main character that feels more realistic than many found in erotica, I even found myself as captivated by her as the male characters. Strong in personality, she is not just a woman looking to be led along sexually but someone who is learning to be vulnerable again and who is a strong and feisty, willing to take control of her sexual experiences and embrace her carnal desires. The themes of Domination and submission are fantastically well varied throughout the story meaning whatever your orientation when it comes to power play you can enjoy the range of lustful scenes in Restless Spirit.

With hot encounters at every turn and multiple sexual partners to lust after you will find yourself reading on eagerly, wondering who, if anyone, will end up with Tuesday Cane.

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