Addicted to the Mistress

By | July 22, 2016

David Warren has disappeared and confidential investigator Mark Collins has been hired to try and find him. Mark’s search turns into a thrilling personal odyssey as he becomes increasingly drawn into the deviant world of erotic domination and submission to which he discovers the elusive David now belongs. Mark’s investigations lead him to the vivacious and stunning Sarah who is heavily into BDSM. She awakens a dark and perverse sexuality and submissiveness within him and they fall madly in love. 

Mark finds out that David has become the slave of a mysterious dominatrix called Alyssa who subjects him to a strict and constant disciplinary regime in her remote country residence. When Mark, with Sarah’s assistance, finally tracks them down he is alarmed at some of the sexual humiliation he witnesses being inflicted on David by Alyssa when working in unholy alliance with her equally formidable Lady Sonja. It seems to Mark to go beyond the level of kinky role-play and to be needlessly manipulative and cruel. But he discovers that all is not what it seems. 

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