An Interview with Kay Jaybee

By | August 10, 2013

kay jaybee bio pic updatedThis month the Queen of Kink, Kay Jaybee is our ruling Author of the Month. Get 25% off on all of her work (check out what you’re missing HERE).

Lauren: Who is your favourite male character from all the ones you’ve written, and why?

Kay: Of all the males I’ve created for my Xcite novel’s my favourite must be Mark Parker, the voyeuristic businessman from my BDSM romance The Voyeur. Owner of a multinational software corporation, a country The Voyeur by Kay Jaybeemansion, and a London flat- not to mention two female slaves- at first it seems as if Mark is a ruthless manipulator, who cares nothing for the women under his command. It is difficult to see why Anya, his PA, and Clara, his housekeeper, allow him to treat them as his slaves. As time develops within the tale however, his true nature is revealed- I’ll say no more, as I don’t want to ruin the story for you!

Writing out the reasons for Mark’s contrary behaviour, without giving anything away more the plot was ready, was fascinating. Few of the characters in my books are ever who they seem to be at first. Finding out their true personalities as my stories progress is half the fun as a writer- and hopefully as a reader!


Lauren: What are you working on at the moment?

Kay: I’m currently planning out part three of The Perfect Submissive Trilogy. Entitled Knowing Her Place, it will conclude the story of Jess Sanders on her personal and physical journey from a non-submissive to submissive, and from England to…well, you’ll have to read part two to find out where Jess goes… part two- The Retreat, will be out this coming October.


Lauren: What’s your favourite scene in The Perfect Submissive?

Kay: I have two favourite scenes within The Perfect Submissive– one involves the artist Sam Wheeler and Mrs Peters, the manageress of the Fables Hotel, in a lift… The other is the very first time that Jess Sanders witnesses what happens on the fifth floor of the hotel –in this case, in a mock Victorian Study…


The Perfect Submissive by Kay JaybeeLauren: What are you reading right now?

Kay: I’m currently reading two books – one non erotic and one erotic. The former is Going Out by Scarlett Thomas. I just love the way Thomas explores the human mind’s oddities within a realistic setting- very clever writing.

The erotic novel is Elemental Fire by K. D. Grace. I loved the first 2 parts of K. D.’s paranormal erotic trilogy- although I admit I didn’t expect to, as I’m not really into paranormal fiction, but this series is excellent. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Anderson… I‘ll say no more!!

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