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Reviews of books in the Xcite Books range of gay and lesbian fiction.

Gaypril: Writing Compteition and Reviews

Xcite Books is the UK’s leading publisher of erotic romance fiction. We at Xcite will be focusing on our LGBT titles during April (or as it has been renamed, ‘Gaypril’!), and running a number of promotions and awareness campaigns during the month. I am pleased to announce that one of our campaigns is the first annual Xcite Books LGBT short story competition. We are inviting budding (or established!) writers of… Read More »

His – gay erotica from Xcite Books. 4 star Amazon review – “GOOD STORY, SIZZLING SEX”

    “Dark Haven Book Reviews… – Published on Amazon U.S. This review is from: His  Sean Bradley is a gay man who’s old fashion. He hates the meat market atmosphere of the gay club scene where he feels sized up and judge. He wants to get to know someone before intimacy. Sean’s friend thinks he just needs to step out of his comfort zone and try something different. An invitation to an exclusive… Read More »

Boy Fun – A collection of 20 Gay Stories. 4 star Amazon review – “A fun sampler”

   4 star Amazon review – “A fun sampler” This review is from: Boy Fun  I was wondering what to expect from an M/M erotica anthology from Xcite – most of the gay erotica I’ve read in the past has been either written for a gay male audience or has been the more romantic stuff aimed at the M/M romance readers (mainly female, I presume). This anthology fits somewhere in the… Read More »

The Hot Chulala – 4 star Amazon review – “Hot stuff!”

4 star Amazon review – “Hot stuff!” This review is from: The Hot Chulala Hot stuff. This is a saucy number with some great cross dress sex scenes. I like the fact there’s a bit of Asian culture and I like the lead character, racy drag queen Amal. A clever take and not a usual erotic romp. Also a cool love story. I like Alcamia’s stories because they actually have plot… Read More »

#XciteBooks Review – Unexpected by Sommer Marsden reviewed by Two Lips Reviews

“The sex in this book is hotter than sin but it’s the storyline I won’t forget. The emotional outpouring Charlie projects kept me glued to the pages and made me want to read more. He’s a multi-layered character and it was great to read about them and watch him grow. Giovanni is the perfect man for him, I love when I can fall in love with a good story and… Read More »

#XciteBooks Review: When a Man Loves a Man reviewed by Jade Magazine

“This offering from Xcite has a wealth of twenty short stories of gay sex – part of an ever growing range of the homoerotica genre which is enjoyed by both men and women alike, no matter what their sexual orientation. Here the editor has selected twenty stories from around the world for plenty of no-holds-barred, man-on-man action – when a man loves a man, anything can happen and often does!… Read More »

Great review of Wild Rides by Elizabeth Coldwell – Reviewed by QMO

The three stories in this book certainly do honor to the title – they are all, each in its different way, very wild rides. Unashamedly focusing on the sexual aspects of several new couples meeting, they each show a snapshot of the men’s lives and sexual exploits. Ridden Hard is a fun, easy to read story about an actor who discovers a love of a bit of kink; the resulting… Read More »