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South of Sundance

Product DescriptionLesbian erotic romance, 12000 words Days before her sexy documentary debuts at a popular lesbian film festival, director Bebe Yasbeck is confronted by an old flame and conflicting feelings about the direction of her career and her assistant, Debra. Will her experience at South of Sundance provide her with the happy Hollywood ending she desires? For more information on Leigh Ellwood’s stories, please visit her online at http://www.leighellwood.c… More… Read More »

Master Class – Novella One

Product DescriptionIn Novella One the first four books of the delicious Master Class series are brought together for one fabulously naughty week at St Gregory’s school. Join Rebecca as she gives in to her lesbian lust in class and disgraces herself in front of her friends. Follow Louise through her journey of revenge, voyeurism, deviance and desire. Enjoy the temptation experienced by the naïve teacher Miss Kay as her girls… Read More »

Amethyst Moon

Product DescriptionNoah Braxton’s world has been turned inside out and upside down ever since the fateful moment six months ago when he was turned into a shifter by a dying college girl. She made him promise to look after her sister, Giselle, and in an effort to sooth her he promised her that he would, not realizing the sacrifices he would have to make to keep that promise. Bound by… Read More »

Best Lesbian Erotica 1996

Product DescriptionContributions by Lucy Jane Bledsoe, Pat Califia, Trish Thomas, Linda Smukler, and Wickie Stamps highlight a collection of lesbian erotica, the first volume in a proposed annual series. Simultaneous. IP. … More >> Best Lesbian Erotica 1996

Lip Service: Alluring New Lesbian Erotica

Product Description“From the dark, foggy streets of New Orleans to the back room of a sex shop to a turn-of-the-century brothel to a church in a small Norwegian town, editor Jess Wells takes readers on a sexy, freewheeling ride through today’s hottest lesbian erotica.”–BOOK ReviewDark and naughty visions abound in Lip Service, a new collection of short erotic tales that’s a little heavy on role-play and S/M, but rich… Read More »

Hot Gay Erotica

Product DescriptionLambda Award–winning editor Richard Labonté leaves no fetish unfulfilled in this new collection of gay erotica. This steamy collection contains a wide range of erotic short stories for readers with a taste for sizzling storylines and uninhibited, unrepentant mansex. Scott Promfret, coauthor of the Romentics series of gay romance novels, contributes “The Competitor,” in which a hunky athlete unexpectedly meets his match at the gym. Cat Tailor’s rollicking

Barely Legal Babysitters: After School Special

Product DescriptionSex, sex, and more sex! Kelly Haven and Sweet Nothings return to bring you Barely Legal Babysitters: After School Special. When Jessica finds herself getting curious about the lesbian couple she babysits for, she gets more than she bargained for when they catch her with some of their dildos. Together, Carol and Jan show Jessica just how it’s done as they lick, suck and fuck their way into their… Read More »

Best of Best Lesbian Erotica 2

Product DescriptionWith a new, nationally known coeditor each year, Best Lesbian Erotica has been acclaimed for its high literary quality as much as for its “steamy, pulse-quickening sex and inspired plots” (Good Vibrations). The exceptional stories in Best of Best Lesbian Erotica 2 are from the second five years of the series. These stories are untamed and unpredictable. They look for the edge of lesbian desire, and trace it in… Read More »

Flying Fish

Product DescriptionGenre: M/M; Historical; Samurai; YaoiLength: Novella A breeze passed over, blowing cool on his damp skin, rustling the leaves of the bushes and trees surrounding the tiny pool. However, when the breeze died down, the rustling of the leaves continued. Heavier, with the crunch of tiny twigs under the weight of something on top of them. Genji’s eyes shot open. Sunlight flooded them, blinding him for a moment. All… Read More »

Women on the Edge of Space

Product DescriptionIn these four stories, women explore the uncharted trails of human desire as they rocket through space and transcend time and place. They inspire fear and hope in the face of danger and uncertainty, and the thrills of satiating a hunger for intimacy in a strange new world. Women on the Edge of Space features stories by Elizabeth Black, Shanna Germain, Kaysee Renee Robichaud, and Laurel Waterford. Space is… Read More »