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Gay books produced by Xcite Books – winners of the ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010 & 2011.

I Heard The Pastor’s Daughter Is Gay

Product DescriptionKatie North breezes through high school as an undercover nerd helped by the fact that her best friend is the most popular girl in school. Katie has no clue that she’s smokin’ hot and the object of a few varsity athletes’ drool. She’s a pastor’s daughter–Miss Goodie Two Shoes–and up until now, her number one priority has been graduating with the highest honors. But, everything changes when Katie falls… Read More »

Raw Food

Product DescriptionJoe is hungry for experience. Francis is hungry for Joe. They meet at a Raw Food restaurant and Joe is eager to be devoured. In this intelligent but disgusting comedy of manners, we learn novel uses of fruit and vegetables and of the dangers of obsession. Set in Soho, there is a glimpse in to the hidden, murky world of pornographers, porn-stars, prostitutes and junkies. And nothing, especially love,… Read More »

The Fall

Product DescriptionThe new school year at Florence University, nestled in the Pennsylvania countryside, dawns bright with the possibilities that only a fresh start can bring. For three students in particular, it will be a year unlike any other, one that will alter the courses of their lives forever. There is Ian, the film buff trying to figure out his life—and how to catch the eye of the football player he… Read More »

Something Like Winter

Product DescriptionThere are two sides to every story. When you’re Tim Wyman, sometimes there are three.Tim hoped moving to Texas would mean a new beginning, a chance to spread his wings, but he soon finds himself falling into the same tired patterns. Until he meets recklessly brave Benjamin Bentley. Suddenly a whole new world opens up to Tim–love, sex, warmth… home. Certain that society won’t understand what he and Ben… Read More »

Ragnar the Just

Product Description916 A.D. After the horror of the wolf cult last year, life has settled down in Hallby and Byrnham villages. Or has it? In the third book in the series, following ‘Ragnar the Murderer’ and ‘Ragnar & the Slave Girls’, the relationship between Ragnar’s former enemy, Kjartan, and another man causes more violence and chaos in the villages … leading to murder. It remains to Ragnar and the Jarl… Read More »

Every Man’s Tarot: Tarot and the Male Experience

Product DescriptionBelieving that 98% of all previous Tarot books are written by women for a female audience, Tarot author John Mangiapane (“It’s All In The Cards”) has used his years of Tarot experience to create a new concept – Tarot for Men – that does not refer to the coy, stifling Victorian concepts of the meanings of the cards. This new concept is part Tarot, and part men’s life experiences… Read More »

The Red Zone

Product Description~Book Eleven~ Nicholas Stevens is beginning to think he’ll never find the man he’s meant to spend his life with. When a college football team’s bus flips on the interstate and it’s no accident, Detective Stevens is put on the case to find out who is threatening gay football players. A routine interview with the gay quarterback yields one major lead: Sebastian Price is his mate. After years of… Read More »

The Closet Case

Product DescriptionComing out of the closet is hard enough for Todd without having the likes of Eva block his efforts. Eva is an anesthesiologist with a fascination for the Santeria Goddess, Oshun, and an obsession for having Todd as her own. Todd is oblivious, as Eva stalks him and even steps over the edge committing murder, and placing Todd under the suspicions of the police, before creating a twisted tale… Read More »

Dan Savage: The First Gay Celebrity

Product DescriptionThere are many Dan Savages: the author of the Savage Love advice column, syndicated around the country; the radio essayist beloved by This American Life fans; the author of a best-selling book about his gay marriage, and another about his son’s open adoption; the prankster who ruined Rick Santorum’s life; and the founder of the “It Gets Better” anti-bullying campaign. But never before have we glimpsed Savage’s whole life, from… Read More »

The Truth About Jack & Ray

Product DescriptionEnglish professor Jack, an embittered older man in 1990s San Francisco, has a vivid flashback to his turbulent, secret love affair in North Beach in the early 1950s with tormented young artist Ray, who cares only about ambition and his art. An intense, gripping story about a doomed relationship that changes the course of a man’s entire life. Review: Gabriella West paints a stark and painful portrait of obsession.… Read More »