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Gay books produced by Xcite Books – winners of the ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010 & 2011.

In Pearls – an Xcite Books collection of five erotic stories

Product DescriptionAn Xcite Books collection of five lesbian erotic stories with mixed themes including f/f, contemporary, fem dom, fetish and cougars. In Pearls by Giselle Renarde When Davina moves in, Greer expects the delicious diva to help with household chores. No such luck! Davina doesn’t do windows or dishes or anything else. One day Greer’s frustration comes to a head, and she realises the only way Davina will ever contribute… Read More »

Lesbian Lovers – Volume Six – 3 f/f sexy stories #KindleFreebie

  Free for Kindle 30 Oct – Nov 3 Enjoy three sexy f/f stories from Xcite Books. Kaz in the Changing Room by Eleanor Powell While trying on dresses for a family party, Kaz is joined by another woman in the changing room. Surely sex doesn’t come any better than with a beautiful stranger in a beautiful new dress with the added risk of getting caught? Only, Kaz finds out,… Read More »

Lesbian Lovers – Volume Five – 3 f/f sexy stories #KindleFreebie

  Free on Kindle 25-29th Oct Enjoy three sexy f/f stories from Xcite Books. Symmetry by Jeremy Edwards Susan and Carla have often been mistaken as sisters they are so alike, but they’re bound solely by love and lust, not genes. After 15 years in a relationship, things might be getting stale, but not for these two. When you have sex with your virtual ‘doppelganger’, it’s like having sex with… Read More »

A Brand New Ball Game I

Product DescriptionA Brand New Ball Game I (Lesbian Lust) – First part of this naughty series An attractive female umpire discovers that not every critic is an enemy, and that sometimes there are less than 3 degrees of separation between beautiful strangers. Warnings: This title contains erotic situations, graphic language, involving lesbian sex, female-female-female, oral sex, anal sex, masturbation, domination, water sports, and toys. Length: … More >> A Brand… Read More »

Divine Touched

Product DescriptionHarper, Sword Maiden for the illustrious Goddess of the Open Ocean, has returned to the fabled city of Griffon’s Rock at the end of the Last Road to rest for the winter months after a disappointing year treasure hunting. Her rest is cut short by a mysterious storm of divine origin, an attempted horse theft of her beloved mount, and the sudden appearance of a beautiful southerner who seems… Read More »

50 Exquisite Tips On Oral Sex From Lesbians

Product Description~ “Mmmm – This is clever, good, sexy and funny!” ~ “Loved it!” CUNNILINGUS IS FUN Seriously! I believe that cunnilingus is perhaps the most enjoyed form of partner sex that women can engage in. I mean, what can compare to the feeling of a warm wet tongue sliding across a woman’s vulva and clitoris? With the exception of masturbation, oral sex probably results in more female orgasms than… Read More »

The Secret of St. Claire

Product DescriptionLighthearted romance, sweet and funny. Idyllic, quaint, and straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting is St. Claire, Louisiana—at least on the outside. Beneath the veneer, it’s anything but. That’s the secret of St. Claire. Born and raised in St. Claire, Lindsay Juneau’s life was seemingly full raising a six-year-old daughter and caring for her widowed mother. Of course, things aren’t always what they seem, and the newest resident… Read More »

Wicked Game: Part 1

Product DescriptionThis work is intended for Adults Only. This novellette is the the first part of a planned three part story. 15000 words When Katherine Mueller wakes from her decades long alcoholic stupor she finds her husband, Ike–Senator Ike Mueller–has been arrested for soliciting an underaged prostitute. To save her grown children from finding out about Ike’s unlawful predilections, and to keep Ike in office, Katherine blackmails, extorts and pays… Read More »

The Unfinished Letter: A Lesbian Romance

Product DescriptionWhen Elizabeth’s life partner, Pattie, was killed in a car accident, Elizabeth vowed she would never give her heart to anyone again. The pain was just too overwhelming. Then Jackie comes into her life. Jackie, too, has been burned badly by love, but she is willing to give happily-ever-after a second chance. And the woman she wants for her fairy-tale ending is Elizabeth. Can Elizabeth find a way to… Read More »

Lesbian Lovers – Volume Four – 3 f/f sexy stories #KindleFreebie

  Free on Kindle 20-24th Oct Enjoy three sexy f/f stories from Xcite Books. Summer Camp by Eva Hore She has had more than enough of camping life – the novelty of shearing sheep and milking cows quickly wears off! Just when she thinks she’s escaped her duties for an afternoon, she’s caught by the owner’s daughter who happens to be a dab-hand with the whip – in more ways… Read More »