Gaypril recipes: Matt’s Hangover Cure

By | April 1, 2013

OMG my head! I know I know, WAY too much last night. But that’s what holidays are for, and as I don’t have to be in the office today I’m going to cure this hangover with my patent and ever effective fry up. And as it’s gaypril, I thought I would let you in on the secret.

So I have these left over potatos from my feeble attempt at making chips last night. (I do not condone drunk cooking). I’m going to cut them up to a regular size and pop them in a wide based frying pan with some oil. I’ll let them crisp up and defrost my sausages (cheeky).

Ok I cut up my sausages (still cheeky) to a regular size and put them in with my nicely cooking potatos. I’ll let that brown until it’s all completely cooked. I plate up the hash and sausage, and crack two eggs into the pan.┬áNo need to add more oil or clean the pan, we want the oil and left over hash to get involved!

Cook eggs to your liking and pile them on top of your hash and sausage.

To give this the extra special Gaypril touch, I pop a mini rainbow flag on top. Job done!