Gaypril offers on Sommer Marsden Divination Falls Trilogy

By | April 1, 2013

To celebrate Gaypril our wonderful author Sommer Marsden is offering loads of stuff!

To honour the release of the second in the Divination Fall Trilogy, we are offering a special 25% off Gaypril voucher on the prequel ‘Lion Hearted’ when you buy through our website ( using the code GAYPRIL (The offer runs until the 14th of April).

But that is not all. Sommer Marsden will be taking questions over twitter using the Gaypril hashtag (#Gaypril) and answering them on the 14th. So get asking!

AND Sommer will be giving away 5 exclusive signed e-copies of her latest release – Beast in Me. To grab one, all you need to do is tweet her @Sommer_Marsden using #Gaypril and tell her what your shape shifting creature would be. On the 14th she will choose her 5 favourites and let you know.

Tryg Avondale is the muscle for his pride, and when he’s called upon to hunt down two missing teens, he sees the job for what it is – a chance to give his pride a break from him and his “nature”. Tryg is a gay lion and it’s not something his “family” seems to embrace.
He takes with him Luke Dorchester – an empath and the perfect travel companion. Luke can feel and soothe every emotion that coils deep inside Tryg, and the sex between them is the hottest Tryg has ever known. Tryg has no intention of letting his emotions go any further when it comes to this brand new man. But he also has zero intention of letting him go. What follows is a road trip from campground to campground, hot nights in hotel rooms and close encounters spent together as they follow the scent of the two abducted shifters. A scent that takes them to Divination Falls, a haven for shifters and associated magical folk; a place where an old evil will surface and Tryg will learn just how far his love for lion-hearted Luke must take him.

Weather worker Cameron Bale rolls into Divination Falls after being prompted by Spirit and Brother Lighting. He discovers that the small, hidden town full of shifters and magical types is suffering a series of unsettling events. There’s speculation from the town seers that he could be the answer they’ve been looking for. Cameron’s willing to try and help: he’s got nowhere to go and nothing to lose. His life is simply about loneliness and it turns out that Trace, a grumpy wolf with stunning eyes, knows just what that feels like. Cam finds himself wishing maybe they could be alone … together. Oh yeah, and battle whatever evil it is that still lurks in Divination Falls.