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By | April 1, 2013

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Four collections of LGB short stories. Get the first installments of them all now!



With plenty of varied man-on-man action and stunningly erotic themes these stories will provide a memorable feast of quality fiction that demonstrate, when a man loves a man, anything can happen!
Stand By Your Man by Michael Bracken
A private eye learns what it’s like to want someone so bad he doesn’t care about the consequences when he falls for his latest client, a wheat-blond graduate student recently dumped by the English professor with whom he was cohabitating.
Tumble Dry by Heidi Champa
Sometimes only dirty, filthy sex will do. After a long and dirty day, that’s what Jake wants from Kevin. And, he’s not going to stop until he gets it. Kevin is happy to comply, even if it means spending extra time finishing the laundry.
Tour Fling by Mary BorselinoBen’s band is the hot new thing on the line up for this summer’s national tour of festival shows. And with festival tours come tour flings: sweet little love affairs in bus bunk-beds and stolen backstage kisses. In Louis, Ben thinks he might have found his perfect tour fling – will a stolen afternoon at the beach prove him right?These stories first appeared in When A Man Love A Man published by Xcite Books.



Gay Lovers Volume One – 3 erotic m/m stories


A collection of three mixed and varied erotic stories packed with m/m action.

Sand And Steel by Shanna Germain

He is my prisoner. He is a SEAL. I know that no amount of pain that will make him crack and tell me what I need to know. But he has not been trained to withstand pleasure. Yet, even though he is blindfold, there is something familiar about him. When he asks me to remove his blindfold I decide it will be in my best interests. Too late, I realise I’ve made a mistake that will cost one of us our life.

Beauty And The Beast by Penelope Friday

Len and Sebastian are an unlikely couple: the carpenter and the aristocrat. It’s a relationship that’s going nowhere. Yet, in the bedroom they are equals. In the bedroom they belong to each other in total oneness. And then one night everything changes.

How Many Times Is The First Time? by Chrissie Bentley

No one at work knows for sure if Marty is gay. But he’s such a nice guy it doesn’t matter. I have to admit I’ve had more than a few passing fantasies about him, though. And then one day fate intervenes and I realise my fantasies are about to come true. And what’s more, Marty is a man full of surprises. These stories were first published in Boy Fun by Xcite Books



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Whether you like women to take control, play the submissive or are just keen to read about hot ladies exploring their sexuality to the full, these stories are guaranteed to tease and titillate.
Tango by Alcamia Payne
Sophie thought she’d never feel passion again when David, her lover, ruined her self confidence. When she chances upon a sultry club though, the attraction of the sexy South American vibe and the mysterious charms of the Argentinean dancer, Ludmilla, melts away her inhibitions and sparks new and smouldering passions inside her. Sophie accepts Ludmilla’s offer of dancing lessons and Sophie’s world opens up as the sexy dance teacher empowers her and the two of them enter into a simmering and adventurous sexual relationship. Soon, it isn’t just the salsa Sophie’s falling in love with.
A Dip in the Pool by Eve Diamond
Julie’s luxury lifestyle comes at a price. Her workaholic husband likes to unwind on the golf course and she finds the long, summer days leave her with idle fingers. As she’s a non-swimmer, she decides to surprise Greg by taking lessons before their exotic holiday. Slender blonde Meg is an inspiring instructor and as Julie’s strokes grow in confidence so does her startling lust for a taste of girly tenderness. The women move from pool to changing room to master bedroom as Julie becomes accomplished at not just one but two new skills.
Hot Pursuit by Lynn Lake
Constable Eva Lemieux of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was parked behind a billboard out on Highway 12, allegedly monitoring the radar gun mounted up on her dashboard, checking for speeders. But on a warm sunny day, after a large lunch, her drowsy thoughts had drifted away from business … to pleasure – picturing her fellow officer, Constable Susan Orpetski, in her mind’s eye. Until – wham! – Orpetski was right there in stunning person, along with one hellacious speeder playing a crazy game of chicken. Proving just how unpredictable and exciting police work really can be.These stories first appeared in Wanton Women published by Xcite Books
Lesbian Lovers – Volume One – 3 f/f sexy storiesLesbian Lovers – Volume One – 3 f/f sexy stories
Enjoy three sexy f/f stories from Xcite Books.
Toy Story by Lynn Lake
Daisy gets on with goth chick Talia from the moment they start working together, but this is the first time she has visited her friend’s home. Talia’s convinced that her mother has become a lesbian, revealing the secret stash of porn and extensive collection of toys she’s discovered. But Daisy’s too distracted by her own sense of curiosity to worry about the sexuality of a woman she’s never met. Little does she know that Talia’s got a secret of her own, but the toy box is calling…
Come Dressed Up by Kitty Meadows
There’s no way that a self-confessed addict of sexy lingerie is going to turn down an invitation to the opening of a new shop – even if she is still getting over her ex-boyfriend. After a case of mistaken identity, she finds herself a sex-toy guinea pig for the night with a whole new world of possibilities opened up to her. A world full of accessories that not only look sexy, but feel it – plus where men are surplus to requirements!…
Belonging to Grace by Lucy Diamond
Lucy has been dreading this dinner party for weeks and just when she thinks it’s going so well, her girlfriend Grace discovers her secret. If there’s one thing Grace can’t abide, it’s dishonesty. After ten years together, Lucy know there’s only one way to make things right and that one thing’s for certain: her bottom’s going to be very red by the time the night is out…
These stories were first published in Girl Fun by Xcite Books in 2009
A sexy short story collection that explores bisexuality in many varied and exciting ways.Short and Sweet by Sommer MarsdenPoppy and Ryan are used to making the most of their lunch breaks. Taking that time to get down to the business of pleasure. But when Meredith walks in on one of their decadent rendezvous, things go from short and sweet to short, sweet and
seductive.A Cut Above by Izzy FrenchClara is in desperate need of a makeover and pampering after finding her ex Sean inflagrante with two women – women Clara found attractive herself. And she also needs to get her mojo back. Marcus and Monique, partners and hairdressers, are the perfect couple to offer their services. In the salon after hours she relinquishes control of her look to Marcus. Monique, beautiful and sexy, touches Clara, but it is Clara who immediately gains control, much to Monique’s apparent astonishment. Marcus, at first happy to watch the two women enjoy each other, is eventually tempted by the sight of their beautiful writhing bodies and joins them, to everyone’s mutual satisfaction.

Barbecue by Landon Dixon

‘Man Wanted’, that’s what the sign in the window of the roadside diner read. And the drifter dumped out in that middle of nowhere was just the man Steve and Laura were looking for, to help them out in the restaurant, and behind the counter. Only, things quickly went from steamy to red-hot, when more than just food got the Barbecue treatment.

These stories first appeared in Best of Both published by Xcite Books

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