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By | April 6, 2013

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Four collections of gay short stories. Get the second installments of them now!


With plenty of varied man-on-man action and stunningly erotic themes these stories will provide a memorable feast of quality fiction that demonstrate, when a man loves a man, anything can happen!Halfway up the Stairs by Josephine MylesWhen Charlie wakes up alone and remembers arguing with his boyfriend the night before, it seems like nothing will resolve the situation. Josh wants them to move, but Charlie is too attached to the house. It’s not just all the work he’s put into it, though, it’s all the memories. One memory in particular, of standing hidden halfway up the stairs, watching and wanting…A Brush with the Law by J ManxWhen a friend asks Michael to assist with a presentation at a police training session he instinctively declines. After all, he’s never had any dealings with the police and his presentation skills leave a lot to be desired. However, his friend’s persistence pays off, which is fortunate for Michael as there is a rather attractive police sergeant in the audience.
Two-Man Assault by Landon DixonWorld War I. The Western Front. Two soldiers go over the top. One keeps running, through enemy lines and beyond, shedding his weapons of war. While the other follows close behind, watching and lusting. They capture more enemy ground than the entire 1st Army’s taken in four years of fighting. And then they capture each other, celebrating their temporary personal victory in the comradeliest manner possible.These stories first appeared in When A Man Love A Man published by Xcite Books.




Gay Lovers Volume Two – 3 erotic m/m storiesA collection of three mixed and varied erotic stories packed with m/m action.


A collection of three mixed and varied erotic stories packed with m/m action.

It’s A Sin by Alex Jordain

I’ve been brought up to be a devout Roman Catholic, but Jerry, with his blond hair, pretty face and lithe athletic body is just too much of a temptation. When he invites me to his house I can’t resist. And being initiated into the delights of boy un turns out to be the most satisfying as well as the most sinful time of my life.

Snow Wolf by John Connor

Russia, winter, 1905 – it’s a time full of chaos and uncertainty. I have chosen to live a hermit trapper’s existence, it’s more peaceful that way. But when I find an injured soldier, half dead beneath the snow of a frozen forest, I cannot leave him to die. I take him back to my cabin to recover and as his frozen body slowly revives, I discover that we have a great deal more in common than it would first appear.

The Fist by G R Richards

When The Fist finds a slab of shortening in Deepack’s locker, he wants to know what it’s for and he just won’t let it go. In the end, things get very heated on the factory floor and a crew of turned-on men can make a lot of noise. Eventually, they have to turn the compacting machine on to mask their yells of excitement.

These stories were first published in Boy Fun by Xcite Books




Sexy Lesbian Stories – Volume Two – three f/f short stories

Whether you like women to take control, play the submissive or are just keen to read about hot ladies exploring their sexuality to the full, these stories are guaranteed to tease and titillate.
Personal Shopper by Viva Jones
Claire runs her own boutique and has a keen eye for what works well on her customers. When Sam arrives needing a series of outfits for her engagement weekend, she’s happy to guide her. As Sam steps in and out of some increasingly dazzling dresses, she reveals that her fiancé berates her for not being adventurous enough. Soon, hedonism turns to heady desire, and Sam and Claire embark on a journey far more satisfying than a bagful of designer clothing.Stick Garden by Sommer Marsden
‘I didn’t think so.’ She prodded me with her knee to the back of mine and I let her guide me dead centre into a white stain of moonlight. Maddy turned me and whispered against my neck ‘Put your arms out, brat.’ She kissed me hard even as  arms flew out to my sides in my obedience.An impudent lover learns her lesson at the hands of a small dom wielding a big stick. In their new garden, naked by moonlight, she pays for her rude remarks and then some. Teasing about that which nourishes you is never acceptable.Waiting for Isabella by Amy Eddison
All work and no play has gotten too much for Rose and on her day off she is feeling horny and self indulgent. Isabella calls asking for an emergency massage appointment and Rose cannot resist her husky voice; she agrees to see her, but has much more than just a massage on her mind. Isabella is the sort of woman that Rose has only dreamt about and, as she begins to work out her knots of tension, a different type of tension begins to build and the pair of them indulge in some much needed relaxation exercise as they get hot and steamy on the massage couch.These stories first appeared in Wanton Women published by Xcite Books.

Enjoy three sexy f/f stories from Xcite Books.

Siren by Beverly Langland

This holiday is a fresh start for Colleen – a time to shake off her small-village upbringing and embrace her adventurous streak. What could be better than a sailing trip with mature sexy siren Elizabeth? From topless sunbathing to skinny-dipping in the turquoise sea to a sensual body-to-body oil massage, this is a whole new side to Colleen. And the best thing? The raunchy adventure’s only just beginning…

Blood and Bliss by DMW Carol

Blonde, blue-eyed Aimee, dressed all in white, isn’t the typical girl Serena usually sees at her favourite goth nightclub – and the mutual attraction between darkness and light is immediate. They can’t resist their bodies’ urges for long, and soon the two girls are enjoying a long night of fiery passion, all the way from dusk ’til dawn. And beyond.

In the Company of Women by Sadie Wolf

On a hen weekend to Dublin, Kate can’t fight the dread that one day in the not-too-distant future, this will be her, preparing to settle down with long-term boyfriend Darren. But then she’s introduced to lap-dancer friend of the bride, Mercedes, and the future suddenly seems a lot brighter – and a whole lot sexier too.

These stories were first published in Girl Fun by Xcite Books in 2009


A sexy short story collection that explores bisexuality in many varied and exciting ways.The Window Cleaner by Eva Hore

Who had the better job, the private investigator in a law firm or the window cleaner? Sitting at his desk this PI sees more than he bargained for and what he witnesses has him questioning just that – who does have the better job?

Dream World by Tony HaynesIn the early 22nd century, the first of a brand new type of theme park opened. They fast became “the” place for young, single, broad minded 22nd century girls to visit. The more Renee heard about them, the more intrigued she became. Dream World is the story of Renee’s first trip to the resort and the characters that she meets there: the beautiful, enigmatic Philomena; the charming, roguish Pan and the most smooth, suave devil a girl could wish to encounter…

Flogging Scarlet by Athena Marie

She had never wanted a woman before. She had never wanted to be in control. Then she meets Scarlet, the submissive fetish model whose raw sexuality inspires unfamiliar desires. When Scarlet asks her if she is bisexual she responds that she doesn’t know. Scarlet proves that even a submissive can be an excellent teacher.

These stories first appeared in Best of Both published by Xcite Books
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