Gaypril continues with the Vol 5 of our Gaypril Short Collections

By | April 21, 2013

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Four collections of gay short stories. Get the fifth installments of all them this week!



Sexy Gay Stories – Volume Five – three m/m short stories

With plenty of varied man-on-man action and stunningly erotic themes these stories will provide a memorable feast of quality fiction that demonstrate, when a man loves a man, anything can happen!

Getting Off Easy by Landon Dixon

Trevor has had a thing for older men, ever since he and his gym teacher turned a one-on-one wrestling session into a hotter, sweatier session in the high school shower room. So, when ‘Big’ Bill Denton pulls him over driving the beater he’s just bought for his 18th birthday, and he sees the 50-year-old cop bulging out that crisp blue uniform right in front of him, he just can’t control himself. This traffic stop is going to be a whole more than routine, for both men.

Satan’s Sauna by Thom Gautier What happens if you run into your secret “gym crush” on the day of a big review at work? Do you stammer like a nervous 16-year-old on his first date? Or maybe you draw words of wisdom from the handsome devil? If you’re truly lucky, maybe your strapping satanic gym crush takes you under his wing and shows you how to work off anxiety about the workplace in unexpected ways, begging the question, can one rise to an occasion by going down? Anger by Thomas Fuchs

Using skills passed down from ancient masters Bobby Lo can easily move from being a fiery warrior to an even hotter lover, as a muscle boy named Mitch learns in a night of body contact he’ll never forget.



Gay Lovers Volume Five – 3 erotic m/m stories

A collection of three mixed and varied erotic stories packed with m/m action.

The Kennel Club by John Connor

In 1929 things weren’t what they are today, as I found out when I visited my old friend Mickey at a very special Gentleman’s Club. Mickey’s “dog” Rufus was slim, blond and 5ft 6, but I never saw him stand upright. He stayed at crotch level, and he proved himself to be a very talented boy indeed when it came to obeying his master.

Surfing Down Under by Eva Hore

Tired with partying in Australia, all I really want is a quiet sunbathe, but then I stumble across a nudist beach and I decided to get an all over tan. I don’t bargain on just how much of a turn on it is to be nude in the hot sun. But with the arrival of a mysterious lover the action gets a whole lot steamier.

Float Your Boat by Landon Dixon

When Brendan goes fishing with his new boyfriend, Evan, he’s expecting to reel him in, but neither of them are expecting their love making to be quite so overboard. Luckily they are rescued by Evan’s ex, Greg, but are there now too many fish in the sea. Who will get the prize catch and who will end up being the one that got away?

These stories were first published in Boy Fun by Xcite Books



Sexy Lesbian Stories – Volume Five – three f/f short stories

Whether you like women to take control, play the submissive or are just keen to read about hot ladies exploring their sexuality to the full, these stories are guaranteed to tease and titillate.
The Girl from Xanadu by Olivia London
Worker bee Claire and gorgeous trust-fund intern Velma come from very different worlds. Claire barely makes ends meet while Velma works just to keep busy. Around the office Velma is as inept as she is beautiful but Claire eagerly helps the lovely lass to the next level going beyond the office to the bedroom. As the saying goes, the rich are different. But Velma needs support and Claire comes to the rescue. Who wouldn’t want to rescue a damsel in distress? As a reward, Velma shows her new friend the finer things in life, but can this relationship between lovers and colleagues last?
Acid Orange by Helen Dring
Environmental disaster brought together two very different women. While Lee fights to control the fallout of a surge in energy, policing the streets and finding safety for those displaced, Anita locks herself away and prays that she comes home safely. But the crisis is worsening, and, when Lee’s unit withdraws from the streets, all Anita can do is hope that they face whatever is to come together, as lovers and soulmates.
For the Good by Alyssa Turner
Stacy is married, straight and as conventional as they come, but tough girl Myra is the surprising new crush she can’t seem to forget. The right opportunity is all the excuse she needs to live out her fantasy, and when opportunity meets mutual desire the result is more combustible than either woman could have imagined.
These stories first appeared in Wanton Women published by Xcite Books.
Lesbian Lovers – Volume Five – 3 f/f sexy storiesLesbian Lovers – Volume Five – 3 f/f sexy stories
Enjoy three sexy f/f stories from Xcite Books.
Symmetry by Jeremy Edwards
Susan and Carla have often been mistaken as sisters they are so alike, but they’re bound solely by love and lust, not genes. After 15 years in a relationship, things might be getting stale, but not for these two. When you have sex with your virtual ‘doppelganger’, it’s like having sex with another and sex with yourself both at the same time. Sure opposites attract, but there are s-exceptions.
Holiday Camp Sharing by Mark Farley
Center Parcs might not immediately spring to mind on your top-ten list of raunchy holiday spots – least of all for a honeymoon. But newlyweds Alys and Dahlia prove that a destination is as sexy as you make it. And it seems German couple Magda and Christine live by exactly the same philosophy.
Japanese Schoolgirls by Teresa Joseph
Everyone has their fantasy type and for her there’s no competition: adult Japanese schoolgirls. In fact, she’s so hooked on them, she travels all the way to Japan to experience her dream in the flesh. And when she finds an entire club dedicated to her beloved grown-up schoolgirls, she really has found heaven on earth.
These stories were first published in Girl Fun by Xcite Books in 2009
A sexy short story collection that explores bisexuality in many varied and exciting ways.Taking Stock by Lynn Lake

Who says inventory counts are dull? Alice the auditor thinks so, until she discovers a major deviation from company standard inventory-taking procedures – two employees taking stock of one another’s assets in a most intimate manner. And as she watches, her own co-worker, Michelle, introduces her to some more off-balance sheet procedures, and positions.

Mystery Girl by Alcamia Payne

Kitty gets more than she bargains for when she falls in love with Kamal and moves into his apartment in Marrakech. The two of them have a sexually fulfilling relationship and Kitty thinks things couldn’t get any better, until that is, she notices the voyeur, Salima, the girl in the apartment opposite – who tantalises Kitty with her sexual performances. One day Kitty leaves her door open and Salima comes into the apartment. Long afternoons of sexual indulgence follow and it isn’t long before Kitty discovers her hidden kink – the fact she always craved a bit of both worlds.

Bitch for Life by Giselle Renarde

Brian thinks he’s old. The little man no longer stands at attention, and he refuses the blue pills Marina encourages him to take. Middle age is a time for chaste companionship, he says. Well, Marina won’t take his lack of enthusiasm lying down. She’s full of lust and she’ll try any trick in the book to arouse his interest, especially if it means putting her husband in a dress and making him her bitch.

These stories first appeared in Best of Both published by Xcite Books

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