Gaypril: Writing Compteition and Reviews

By | April 1, 2013

Xcite Books is the UK’s leading publisher of erotic romance fiction. We at Xcite will be focusing on our LGBT titles during April (or as it has been renamed, ‘Gaypril’!), and running a number of promotions and awareness campaigns during the month.

I am pleased to announce that one of our campaigns is the first annual Xcite Books LGBT short story competition. We are inviting budding (or established!) writers of romance and erotica to submit their best sexy stories to us, with a selection of the best being published in an Xcite Books anthology later this year.

Entries must have a LGBT romance theme and be approximately 5000 words in length (3000 minimum), but those are the only limitations on your creativity (except, of course, the Xcite Author Guidelines which can be found at

We are looking to receive all entries by midnight on Sunday 5th May, so if you’re interested, get writing! Don’t worry too much about drafting to perfection – we are primarily looking for good stories, and if your work is selected you will of course receive any assistance you need from our editorial team.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about the writing competition – or indeed if you are interested in any Xcite (or Accent Press) titles. *If the group is interested in submitting non-romance LGBT fiction, or indeed any other fiction pieces (to Xcite or Accent Press), then please get in touch regarding those as well!*


We are also happy to provide review copies of Accent Press & Xcite Books titles for your bookgroups, whether print copies or e-books. Our range is diverse, with a particular focus on crime/mystery, historical fiction and romance works. We are able to provide a number of different e-book formats, for all the major e-readers including Kindle. If the group is interested in reviewing our books, please get in touch!  It would be very helpful if you could provide links to any blogs, websites or press reviews that you may have written in the past. Our range and latest releases can be found at and


Thanks for reading – I look forward to hearing from you soon!