Lesbian Lovers – Volume Five – 3 f/f sexy stories #KindleFreebie

By | October 25, 2012

Lesbian Lovers – Volume Five – 3 f/f sexy stories Lesbian Lovers – Volume Five – 3 f/f sexy stories

Free on Kindle 25-29th Oct

Enjoy three sexy f/f stories from Xcite Books.

Symmetry by Jeremy Edwards

Susan and Carla have often been mistaken as sisters they are so alike, but they’re bound solely by love and lust, not genes. After 15 years in a relationship, things might be getting stale, but not for these two. When you have sex with your virtual ‘doppelganger’, it’s like having sex with another and sex with yourself both at the same time. Sure opposites attract, but there are s-exceptions.

Holiday Camp Sharing by Mark Farley

Center Parcs might not immediately spring to mind on your top-ten list of raunchy holiday spots – least of all for a honeymoon. But newlyweds Alys and Dahlia prove that a destination is as sexy as you make it. And it seems German couple Magda and Christine live by exactly the same philosophy.

Japanese Schoolgirls by Teresa Joseph

Everyone has their fantasy type and for her there’s no competition: adult Japanese schoolgirls. In fact, she’s so hooked on them, she travels all the way to Japan to experience her dream in the flesh. And when she finds an entire club dedicated to her beloved grown-up schoolgirls, she really has found heaven on earth.