Matt’s Blog: Welcome to Gaypril

By | April 1, 2013

Well It’s officially #Gaypril @XciteGay. That’s April filled with gay lit, fic and fantasy. My name is Matt Petersen and I’m head of internet marketing here at Xcite Books. Sexy sexy books.

Matt Petersen

So this month we have lots in store. We’re going to give you a fun look at what Xcite can do for us gays.

  • We have free kindle exclusives: our favourite gay, lesbian and bi collections released in installments throughout the month.
  • We’ll be promoting some of our best gay fiction including the amazing “The Beast in Me”, book two in The Divination Falls Trilogy (if you haven’t read the first one – “Lion Hearted” – then you’re missing out).
  • We’re going to have guest reviews of our romance and erotica, written by our fans.
  • We’re going to be running the Gaypril Writing Competition. So write a short story on something gay; be it lesbian erotica or gay romance. I want to see what the lovely fans out there can do between now and the 5th May.
  • We’re having some lovely guest bloggers including the devastatingly sexy Lucas Steele (O, he will kill me for saying that). He’s going to pull himself out of his editing haze and write you a few diary blogs.
  • We’re promoting an old anthology ‘Boys in Bed’ (guess what that is about) which Lucas assures me is the best collection of short erotic stories on this side of Gaypril. In fact it’s so good that Lucas is giving away a copy over on goodreads.

So lots to read. But how do you get involved?

  • Well you can win a signed copy of “Lion Hearted” – all you need to do is tweet @XciteGay and let us know what your shapeshifting animal would be.
  • Use the hashtag #Gaypril to enter at any point during the month.
  • You can use the #Gaypril to give ask Sommer Marsden about The Divination Falls Trilogy, or ask Lucas Steele anything at all (get cheeky with it). We’ll be answering over twitter and on this page on the 14th and 31st April.
  • We also want you to get involved – if you have a gay bar near you that demands a review let me know. If you have a fav position or a funny story let us know. But most of all have a happy happy Gaypril.