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Tale of a Gay Redneck – Based on a True Story

Product DescriptionLife can be stranger than fiction and Junior’s life is one of those tales. His father and uncle tried to teach him how to be a good redneck, but he didn’t accept their ways. His mother wanted him to meet a good redneck woman, have a big family wedding and give her lots of beautiful grandbabies, but he came of the closet and broke her heart. They sent him… Read More »

More Than Curious: 3 Short Gay Erotica Stories Based On Real Encounters

Product DescriptionThis is a book containing three short gay erotica stories. It’s not a romance type novel, these stories are short and get straight to the point so to speak. If you want a few good stories of erotica, then this is your type of book but if you are looking for the more romantic type stories you will be disappointed here. Though loosely based on real encounters, names have… Read More »