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Bound to the Mistress

The House of Correction is owned by top London dominatrix Mistress Helena. It is where rich masochists stay to receive advanced slave training and become officially ‘collared’. Helena is aided in the maintenance of its strict disciplinary regime by Sylvie and Christopher. Christopher feels uncomfortable in this role, however, as he is essentially submissive. In order to resolve this conflict Helena agrees to his request to become a slave within… Read More »

Bound in Stone: Volume One

Product DescriptionTehlm Sevet, the Shadow Master, the most potent summoner the world has ever known and the Earth Goddess’s valued slave; she has sent him to conquer the coastal kingdoms of the northeastern crescent where her worship has been eschewed, and he must risk all peril, even the destruction of his immortal soul. But a child walks the earth who should not have been born and he will set himself… Read More »