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Imagine your way to better sex – with Xcite’s Sex and Relationship Coach Rachael McCoy

  Having an adventurous imagination can transform your sex life, there’s no doubt about it. Without one, sex can become mundane and predictable. To keep your sex life sizzling hot in long term and in new relationships, a broad imagination is essential. But what if you’re just not gifted with such a talent? Well what if I told you that no matter how unimaginative, sceptical or stuck in your ways… Read More »

Dude, The Coach Wants To See You

Product DescriptionAfter a poor performance in a wrestling exhibition, high school wrestler, Rob Hill, gets called into the coach’s office. Power top, Coach Murdock wants far more from young Rob than just an apology…. Story is approximately 5000 words. All characters in this erotic tale are 18 years or older. This works features several fetishes including dominance & submission, role play, foot play, raunch, bondage as well as graphic sex….… Read More »

Coach & Other Stories

Product DescriptionThe two main themes running through these three stories are straight/bi-curious guys experimenting with or coming to know their own homosexuality, and older, more experienced guys getting together with less experienced guys. “Coach” is about a college football player who is having a tough time of things. To add to his troubles, he isn’t sure if his coach was touching him inappropriately on purpose while giving him a massage… Read More »