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The Straight Crimes

Product DescriptionAfter their home in Louisiana was tragically demolished by fire, sharp-tongued Harper Jones and her troubled mom, Mindi, return to the picturesque town of Silver Shores along the western coast of Michigan to stay with Aunt Faye. Feeling lonesome in her new surroundings, Harper desperately craves companionship—discovering that and so much more in the hunky and compassionate Nik Roberts. Instantly, Harper and Nik are drawn to one another. Existing… Read More »

Impudent Crimes

How good it is to read erotica by a writer who is both clever and funny. This is a really good read. I was slightly put off by the fact it\’s set in the 80s but actually it was fabulous. A strong plot, great characters, I was hooked to the end. Well done Bertram. I couldn\’t put this one down. – Raunchy Reader View full post on Xcite Books –… Read More »

Damsel in Distress – Five erotic Crimes of Passion stories

Five erotic stories with a ‘Crimes of Passion’ theme. Damsel in Distress by Troy Seate A speed trap outside a dusty desert town results in more than a husband and wife reunion, when they find themselves in the hands of naughty police officers who definitely love to break the law. Is distress, like pleasure, all in the mind and body of the beholder? Belly Dance by Landon Dixon Vi Voom… Read More »

The Naughty Rich Girl – Five erotic Crimes of Passion stories

Five erotic stories with a ‘Crimes of Passion’ theme. The Naughty Rich Girl by Angela Goldsberry When your father is very rich and you’re very spoiled, you can get away with just about anything – or so she thinks when she plans an afternoon shoplifting at the best department store in the local mall. But she hasn’t reckoned with the store’s sexy head of security – or his deliciously unorthodox… Read More »