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Blackwater Falls: Dark of the Moon

Product DescriptionCensus taker Jace Miller is sent to the remote town of Blackwater Falls to complete forms not returned by the local inhabitants. From the moment he sets foot in the small community, he realizes that something isn’t right, from the hostile reception he receives to the strange uneasiness of the residents. Sheriff, Hawke Sutherland has told him in no uncertain terms to get out of town by nightfall and… Read More »

Dark Nights

Great book if you’ve liked fifty shades then this is defently worth a read great charters and very sexy would recommend. – Lottie Xcite Books – New Reviews View full post on

What’s Done in The Dark: Season 1

Product DescriptionTerry goes to jail and comes out a little bit different. Not only is he different but his wife, sister, brother, and best friend have changed. The only thing they have in common are their secrets and their need to hide them. They soon find out that all things will be brought to light… one way or another. This is the Complete First Season of the Best Selling Saga… Read More »

The Last Lovers on Earth: Stories from Dark Times

Product DescriptionThis first collection of short stories by Charles Ortleb captures gay life and gay culture at the end of the twentieth century with a unique, irreverent kind of humor and satire that has never been seen before. Three of the stories were the basis for the provocative film, “The Last Lovers on Earth” which is available on DVD and can be watched online. The writer, who has been a… Read More »

A Trip To The Dark Side – an Xcite Books collection of five erotic m/m stories

Product DescriptionAn Xcite Books collection of five erotic gay stories with mixed themes including contemporary, m/m, historical, exhibitionism, voyeurism, sex in public and sex for money. A Trip to the Dark Side by Scarlet Blackwell What happens when you’re drunk, horny and looking to get off and your friend takes you to see his “most favourite whore in the world” and you discover they are not exactly your type? Do… Read More »


Product DescriptionA beautiful black panther is following Flora Lee. But the animal can’t be real, can it? It is only a symptom of Flora’s recently diagnosed eye disease – a condition that is potentially disastrous, because Flora is one of Britain’s most celebrated artists. Her eye doctor, and new lover, Max, is fascinated by Flora’s cat-shaped hallucinations and introduces her to the bizarre world of ABCs (Alien Big Cats), taking… Read More »

Dark Angel

Product DescriptionShot and left for dead by her narcissistic husband, Evangelina Vogel awakens to find herself in the arms of a seductive vampire who calls herself Lenore–and who promises Evangelina eternal life. Lenore is irresistible with her hypnotic eyes and lips that part to kiss or to kill. Evangelina is consumed by a craving for the alluring vampire’s body–and after one night in Lenore’s arms, an obsession to find her… Read More »