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Sonny Preyer – A Fairy Tale of a Different Kind Vol. 1

Product DescriptionSonny Preyer is an Illumenae; a person whose DNA is encoded with the ability to renew and sustain all life connected to him. At eighteen, he does not want that responsibility. With it, comes a body of unusual gender, unlike any among his peers. With it, comes seven nations looking to him to keep them safe. And with it, comes the knowledge that he is hunted by human and… Read More »

Rumpled Silk Sheets: Lesbian Fairy Tales

Product DescriptionRumpled Silk Sheets offers everything you expect in a fairy tale and in an erotic romance. These talented authors have taken some familiar tales-and a few not so familiar-in new and incredible directions. Ride the desert sands with a girl who encounters a sexy incarnation of the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet and a Japanese maid who helps free her mistress from the human body trapping her heavenly spirit. We… Read More »

Like a Prince: Gay Erotic Fairy Tales

Product DescriptionFive gay fairy tales that feature classic stories like “The Beauty and the Beast” and “Cinderella” with a queer twist. What are the erotic possibilities of the dashing princes and dark forbidden forests that we learned about as children? Stories range from the charming tale of a mischievous Cinderella to the deliciously dark story of a modern-day Little Red Riding Hood complete with a real-life wolf. A mysterious young… Read More »