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Taking Flight

Tabitha Rayne has excelled in my opinion. Her “A Clockwork Butterfly” was the second erotica book I ever read and after reading that I wanted more. This is a prequel to that book and contains slightly different characters. I was nervous when I noticed a character from “A Clockwork Butterfly” that I disliked that it would ruin the enjoyment of the book from then on. Fortunately that wasn’t the case.… Read More »

Turbulence 4: Connecting Flight

Product DescriptionThere’s no place like home. For Paul Cronin, maybe that’s a good thing. His DC condo is practically empty, aside from a week’s worth of mail and the lingering smell of his hippie housekeeper’s vinegar-based cleaners. His life is empty too, filled with activities he doesn’t enjoy and friends he only hangs out with because it’s easier than avoiding them. It doesn’t seem like Dallas Turner would have much… Read More »