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Shaved by her Mother’s Friend

Product DescriptionWARNING: This is an erotic short story for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of eighteen and the story contains scenes of oral sex and penetrationFeaturing erotic juicy scenes, these stories are guaranteed to keep you glued to your Kindle like nothing else! Description: A teen girl is seduced by her mother’s friend and gets her pussy shaved and played with. Excerpt:Sally reached down and took hold… Read More »

Lesbian Romance Sex: From Best Friend to Mistress

Product DescriptionAllison and Britta are best friends, but there’s always something more between them. A tug and pull that neither can explain or deny. But Allison is the one brave enough to take a chance, ordering Britta to her room, making her submit to Allison’s will. Again and again. Britta is all too willing to please her friend, her new mistress, anyway she can. This is an explicit erotica short… Read More »

Lesbian Sex With My Mother’s best Friend: The Collection

Product DescriptionLesbian Sex: the collection contains Book one: Taboo Seduction, Book two: Lesbian Sex, Book three: the Foursome, as well as never before published epilogues to each story in which Kat LeXXXington explains where each story comes from, as well as personal stories about each volume. She includes an excerpt from her upcoming novel FILTHY WHORE, as well as a letter to her fans. Follow the semi-autobiographical exploits of a… Read More »

Lesbian Sex with My Mother’s Best Friend

Product DescriptionFor a young girl just out of high school being with an older, more experienced woman teaches you a lot. When that woman is your Mother’s best friend it makes the fruit all the sweeter. I’ve always lusted over Aunt Tiff. Book 1 tells of my first orgasms with her, the way she touched and kissed and licked my body while bringing out the most incredible orgasms I ever… Read More »

My Lover, My Friend: True-life Stories of Lesbian Romance Between Friends

Product DescriptionWhat happens when a woman’s best friend becomes something more? In these fiery true stories, women describe the explosive moment when their friend came into their arms as their lover, even for just one night.Lindsey Elder‘s series of true-life erotic stories includes the anthologies Early Embraces, Early Embraces II, Early Embraces III and Beginnings. She lives in Los Angeles and is on the lookout for your story…. More >>… Read More »