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Sex and Satisfaction – twenty erotic stories from Xcite Books

 Sex and Satisfaction – twenty erotic stories (Sex and Xcite Series) Sex and Satisfaction is a collection of twenty erotic short stories that include fabulous fantasies and wicked sex that are guaranteed to set your pulse racing. The stories are brought to you by bestselling authors including Kitti Bernetti, Jeremy Edwards, Gwen Masters, Kristina Wright and Cathryn Cooper. View full post on Xcite Sexy Stories

Ultimate Sins -Twenty sensational erotic stories that are sinfully good from Xcite Books, winners of the ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011 and 2012.

 Ultimate Sins (Ultimate Series) Twenty sensational erotic stories that are sinfully good from Xcite Books, winners of the ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Featuring stories by some of the best writers in the erotic field including Kay Jaybee, Angela Meadows, Elizabeth Cage and Penelope Friday. Indulge yourself in this sensational collection and discover the pleasure of Ultimate Sins. French Connection by Cathy King Escaping to France… Read More »

FREE extract from Reflection, Elene Sallinger’s new release

Author of the Month Elene Sallinger gives us a sneak peak of her new release Reflection. Check out our interview with her HERE.   He could pretend he was a better guy than he was. He could be all chivalrous and restrain himself, but the truth was he wanted her and she needed to know that she was desirable no matter what had happened to her in the past. It… Read More »

Tasty Taster – The Voyeur from Kay Jaybee

It’s Day 3 of my Tasty Tasters – celebrating my last week as Xcite Author of the month!! Yesterday I promised you a spot of BDSM today, and what better way to share some of my trade mark harder core erotica, than with a teaser from my BDSM threesome erotic romance, The Voyeur… Blurb Wealthy business man and committed voyeur, Mark Parker, has a list of thirteen fantasies he is… Read More »

Tasty Taster from Kay Jaybee- Quick Kink Two

It’s Day 2 of my week of Xcite Tasty Tasters- and following hot on the heels of yesterday’s extract from Quick Kink One, here’s a snippet from Quick Kink Two! Blurb Quick Kink Two satisfies the reader with twelve bite-sized erotic tales of lust, master and servant domination and submission, bondage, instruction and voyeurism. From the full-on experience of a journalist at an S&M wedding (The Bride Wore Rubber), to the… Read More »

Bringing Porn Into Your Relationship – sex advice from Rachael McCoy

  Porn has such a negative stigma around it so I can understand why many people get put off the idea. Porn is like anything in life, there’s the good and the bad. Admittedly, it’s not for everyone but if you don’t try it you’ll never know, right? It can be quite hit and miss with porn and you might just have to go through a few awful ones to… Read More »

Trying new positions – a how to from Rachael McCoy

  How many of us stick to the same 2 or 3 positions that we know ‘work’ with as little effort as possible? At the beginning of a relationship many of us try out different things but for most, it slips back to being comfortable and ‘effective sex’. Who wants that?! Well, you’ve probably all heard of the ancient guide to lovemaking the Kama Sutra? I have the pleasure of… Read More »

FREE extract from The Perfect Submissive by Kay Jaybee

Author Kay Jaybee has generously given us a teaser from her ever popular book, The Perfect Submissive.   Crossing the threshold of the room, into which she was being firmly steered by the elbow, felt like entering another world to Jess, or rather, another time. Manoeuvred towards a plush red velvet chaise longue, her eyes darting here and there, the clerk was pointedly sat down. Trying to ignore the light… Read More »

5 Star review on @Lovehoney – Seriously hot stuff – for Indecent Proposals from @XciteBooks

5 Star review on Lovehoney – Seriously hot stuff Reviewed: 23 Sep 2011 by creativewriter1985, a Going Steady Straight Female As Indecent Proposals contains stories from twenty erotic authors, including popular writers Landon Dixon, Giselle Renarde, Ray Cluley, Eva Hore and Sommer Marsden, I was expecting some seriously hot stuff. I definitely got it. The thing that first struck me about the book when I’d read a couple of the… Read More »