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Great review of Wild Rides by Elizabeth Coldwell – Reviewed by QMO

The three stories in this book certainly do honor to the title – they are all, each in its different way, very wild rides. Unashamedly focusing on the sexual aspects of several new couples meeting, they each show a snapshot of the men’s lives and sexual exploits. Ridden Hard is a fun, easy to read story about an actor who discovers a love of a bit of kink; the resulting… Read More »

Featured collection of gay short stories – Beach Challenge edited by Lucas Steele #XciteBooks

A collection of five sexually explicit erotic stories with male on male themes. Beach Challenge by Elizabeth Coldwell Spending a friend’s stag weekend in a posh country house in Cornwall, Chris finds himself undertaking an unusual challenge in a game of Spin The Bottle. He has to run across the beach wearing nothing but a towel, and pay a forfeit if he’s caught. But what he doesn’t know is that… Read More »

#XciteBooks New Release: Fireside Romance Book 2 – Burning Brighter by Drew Hunt

After declaring their love for each other on Christmas Day, Simon Peters and Mark Smith settle down to a cosy life of domestic togetherness. A new year brings new joys and challenges. Sam, a neighbour boy comes to stay for a few days and adopts Simon and Mark as honorary dads. A promotion at work gives Simon more responsibility. Mark finds employment at the local café. The purchase of a… Read More »

#XciteBooks Free Extract: His by Elizabeth Coldwell

This is a free extract from HIS, an erotica novella with gay, bdsm and contemporary themes by Elizabeth Coldwell. When Sean Bradley gets an invitation to Dante’s, the most exclusive gay club in town, he doesn’t realise it will change his life for ever. This is no ordinary club, and its world of decadent delights is designed to pair wealthy dominant men with cute young submissives. The club’s owner, Dante… Read More »

#XciteBooks New Release: Wanted by J.M. Snyder

Jesse McCray ekes out a hard living cutting cattle from the local beef baron of Defiance, Texas. He’s known for his quick draw and his steady aim; no one outguns him. Whenever he and his ragtag group of friends known as the Rustlers ride into town, the local cowboys hold their breaths, waiting for the men to ride through. But one evening, while playing faro at Billy’s Saloon, Jesse’s attention… Read More »

Free Gay Erotic Extract: His by Elizabeth Coldwell

‘I haven’t seen you here before.’ The American-accented voice was soft in my ear, startling me. I turned to see that while I’d been watching the near-naked dancers, someone had been watching me. I found myself staring at one of the most handsome men I’d ever seen. In his mid-40s, his thick black hair fell almost to his shoulders, and he had a neatly trimmed goatee beard. The warmth in… Read More »

Free Gay Erotic Read – The Way to Will by Drew Hunt

Just before rushing off to catch his plane home after a two-week bus tour of Florida, Will Thompson tells Graham Knight that he loves him. Stunned, not least because before meeting Will he thought himself straight, Graham watches Will leave. Realising he feels the same way, Graham has to journey across the US to tell Will he loves him, too. But with little money and travelling in a strange country,… Read More »