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The Ancient’s Destiny – Book Three in The Prophecy Girl Trilogy

Seven magi remain on Earth, including the subject of an ancient prophecy, Cereza Mikhailov. Abandoned by her first love and isolated from everyone she ever cared about, Cereza has turned her back on her past and lives a shallow existence of lust and indulgence, unaware that the world is about to change for ever. An ancient magical being wants to wipe out humanity and bring about a new world. An… Read More »

New Girl

Product DescriptionLiz has to share a room with the new girl on the volleyball team. What begins as a frustrating experience, soon evolves into something very satisfying. This short story also appears in Can’t Get Enough and A Hotter State. Warning: This title contains graphic language and f/f sex.  3200 word lesbian erotic short storyEXTRACT“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” Nina’s nails dug into Liz’s skin, making … More… Read More »

Girl Fun – Adventures in Lesbian Loving

Soft lips on smooth, supple skin, slender curves interlocking. No wonder girl-on-girl action has never been more popular. From the US hit series the L Word to Sex In The City, sisters have been doing it for themselves. And now Xcite books, one of the UK’s best-known purveyors of quality erotic fiction, delves into the world of Sapphic desires in this latest collection. Twenty tales of lip-smacking lesbian action guaranteed… Read More »

Calendar Girl by @sommer_marsden #iTunesFreebie

Calendar Girl by Sommer Marsden is FREE on iTunes right now, get this hot read while you can! Merritt Evans is expecting a lot out of her marriage but what she is not expecting is to come home to find her husband Drake diddling with the local trainer. Thanks to friends in high places, Merritt’s divorced by the new year. She’s ready to put her old life behind her and… Read More »

The Magi’s Daughter – Book Two in The Prophecy Girl Trilogy

Twenty years have passed since the events of The Magician’s Lover, and Lindsey Mikhailov now lives in rural Italy with her husband and their daughter. But when a mysterious and violent event shatters the serenity of their life together, it sets off a chain of events which will alter the lives of the magi and those around them for ever. In a dramatic, explicit tale packed with shocking plot twists… Read More »

The Girl on the Ferry

Product DescriptionThe “Girl on the Ferry” will make you smile, sometimes laugh aloud, and occasionally suppress a tear or two. It is a love story – or, rather, it is a story about love. It is a quick read and imaginatively, and compassionately, written. It is all very entertaining. The main character and narrator is 97-year-old Freya Anna Bergman who once was madly but secretly in love with her best… Read More »

Girl Fun – Lesbian Erotic Stories Four Book Bundle

Product DescriptionWith this four book bundle you can enjoy a fantastic selection of quality stories that explore all aspects of lesbian loving. Delve into the world of Sapphic desires with twenty tales of lip-smacking lesbian action. Published by Xcite Books, winners of the ETO Best Erotic Book Brand in 2010, 2011 and 2012…. More >> Girl Fun – Lesbian Erotic Stories Four Book Bundle

Love And An American Girl

Product DescriptionWhen you cross the world for a stranger, who knows where you might land? Justine has had it with Alex. What was once an exciting relationship of mutual discovery has become routine and argumentative. Alex has to go. Anything must be better than this, even solitude. Especially solitude. Justine loves solitude. However, as Justine settles back into her accustomed solitary lifestyle that has been interrupted for three years by… Read More »

The Naughty Rich Girl – Five erotic Crimes of Passion stories

Five erotic stories with a ‘Crimes of Passion’ theme. The Naughty Rich Girl by Angela Goldsberry When your father is very rich and you’re very spoiled, you can get away with just about anything – or so she thinks when she plans an afternoon shoplifting at the best department store in the local mall. But she hasn’t reckoned with the store’s sexy head of security – or his deliciously unorthodox… Read More »

The Girl with the Million Dollar Butt

Product DescriptionA collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including bdsm, rubenesque, multicultural, m/f, f/f, and role playing. The Girl with the Million Dollar Butt by Elizabeth Coldwell Pop singer Ciara isn’t too impressed with her manager’s plan to insure her bottom for a million dollars. She thinks it’s just a cheap publicity stunt, until she meets the insurance company’s assessor, Leo, and realises he has a very hands-on… Read More »