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5 star review for Restless Spirit by @SommerMarsden on @Lovehoney, the sexual happiness people.

Sommer Loving – Reviewed by RedCheeks, a Married Bisexual Female Having mainly read compilations of short stories in my experience with erotica, I was both excited to be reading a full length erotic novel and curious as to whether it would be able to hold my attention after my years of reading of short erotic stories. Restless Spirit, written by Sommer Marsden is just under two hundred and fifty pages… Read More »

The Right Side of Forty: The Complete Guide to Happiness for Gay Men at Midlife and Beyond

Product DescriptionAging, with its accompanying sense of loss and the passage of time, has the potential to be psychologically painful for everyone, but it can be particularly complicated for gay men. Our early life is often marked by an inability to relate to other males in childhood and adolescence. Once we identify ourselves as openly gay in young adulthood, we may achieve a new sense of fulfillment, but the ways… Read More »