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Joys Of Sex – Gay Hardcore

Product DescriptionPeter is a good-looking guy with a nice slim body, and he’s fantasized by all the girls in school.  But Peter isn’t exactly the hunk these girls have been dreaming for.  Yes, he’s gay… or about to realize that. Just a normal popular guy with no close friends, Peter is happy and content. But this will change when a new boy comes in school: Jason.  Peter shows Jason around… Read More »

Revenge of the Jocks – Gay Hardcore

Product DescriptionWhat goes around, comes around. This is how Treano got his revenge back. Treano is new to the high school his family moved in but he stands out from the rest of the students there. Everyone is rich and white; he is black. In the track field, he beats most of the senior runners. During showers, they notice how big his manhood is. The insecure jocks cornered Treano!He is… Read More »

I Sacrifice My Virginity For Love – Gay Hardcore

Product DescriptionWARNING:  If Man on Man Sex offends you, DO NOT read this book. Otherwise, enjoy!  Jason Roberts and Mitch Cavangher have been best friends since they were born. They’re so close, they do everything together! They’re both good-looking guys with nice solid bodies and they both make the girls go crazy.  Now that they’re in college, they’re still together. Jason knows how much Mitch wanted to be in a particular… Read More »

Your Asian Boy Slave – Office Politics are Hell – Gay Hardcore

Product DescriptionThis story contains sexual exchanges and activities between adult males, bothconsensual and non-consensual, and scenarios involving punishment/torture, bondage, domination/submission, humiliation, and exhibitionism. If you can’t bear to read such stuff or if it’s illegal for you to do so, please stop reading right here. Otherwise, enjoy! This story is about a submissive young (22-year-old) gay asian male who’s gone to work for a multi-na… More >> Your Asian Boy… Read More »

Lost – Gay Hardcore

Product Description WARNING: This book contains explicit, forced, and violent sexual scenes. Canning, Gay Seduction, Blowjobs, Gay Anal Sex and Sexual Incest. If forced sex offends you then DO NOT read this book. “This is paradise, there aren’t any undesirable areas here,” is the one thought that Steve ever dreads to say aloud again. Done with school, Steve decides to go to the Caribbean Islands and live there, thinking it’ll… Read More »

My Hard Prison Rape. – How I Learned love my huge cellmate. – Gay HARDCORE – Get it NOW!

Product DescriptionDescription: The first person story of how an athletic straight rapist gets raped into submission and then love by a huge man in prison. Excerpt:It was the summer of 1977 when I thought my life ended officially. Though really, it only just began…. As I was about to climb to the top bunk, I felt a huge hand grab my balls and crushed it with all of his might.I… Read More »