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Hiding Out In His Sauna – an Xcite Books collection of five m/m erotic stories

Product DescriptionAn Xcite Books collection of five gay erotic stories with mixed themes including contemporary, historical, m/m, spanking, exhibitionism and voyeurism. Hiding Out in His Sauna by Richard Hiscock He gets more than he bargained for when he decides to take some time out for himself by finishing off to relax in the sauna. With steam billowing around him the door opens allowing two men to enter. Neither of them… Read More »


Product DescriptionThe first book in the Simon Grant Mysteries series. A police procedural in form, psychological drama in content, literary fiction in style, a thriller and romance at heart. The entire series is set in the county of Northamptonshire, UK. The peaceful rural landscape is at odds with the turbulent lives of its inhabitants. During the six hours of being held hostage by the killer of three people, Simon Grant… Read More »