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Fly High With Me

Louisa relives the events of the most important part of her life. Meeting the love of her life Evan, the fight to prove her strength, embarking on a flight of sexual desire, pleasure and liberation. Evan opens the door for louisa to a completely different form of pleasure, anticipation and allure – a world where the line between pleasure and pain can easily merge into one. The door that Evan… Read More »

High Hopes Farm

Product DescriptionWhen Kate Thompson returns from college to her family sheep farm with her boyfriend Dylan in tow, she expects to take her place as her father’s right-hand on the farm. Instead she returns to a farm in ruin, and a father in despair. Her relationship begins to crumble, and Kate’s dreams crumble with it. When tragedy strikes, Kate finds herself caring for her distraught mother while battling her own… Read More »

#KindleFreebie – Riding High by Zara Stoneley

 Riding High Free on Kindle 10th-14th November An erotic novel with mixed themes including m/f, menage, sex in public and voyeurism. ‘Have wild crazy monkey sex with the first man you bump into.’ Roisin Grant hadn’t intended to follow her best friend’s advice – but, sometimes, what you expect from life and what you get don’t match up. She never expected her husband would have a stash of home-made porn… Read More »

High Dive

Product DescriptionWhat would you do if you lost a high-paying job, your lover, your home, and even your tricked-out status ride all at once? That’s exactly what happens to 29-year-old Sara Wing, player in the subprime mortgage lending industry, whose life is turned inside out in the space of forty-eight hours when the Southern California housing bubble bursts and she goes from a power position to pool cleaner. Along the… Read More »