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Coming Home

Product DescriptionMitch left town eight years ago and never looked back after his best friend and brother both rejected him in the same day. Now he’s back and ready to face the ghosts of his past. Problem is, the feelings that caused his best friend, Cohen to cast him out haven’t changed. If anything, they have grown stronger. When Cohen comes offering an apology, Mitch accepts it, vowing to keep… Read More »

True Gay Interracial: I was a straight white college jock who was fucked by a straight black man. EPISODE #4 – At Home in Boston

Product DescriptionX-Rated True Gay Interracial Sex. Finally I couldn’t stop myself any longer. I knew he lived down in New York, so I got a hold of him and went down to visit. Once again I went from being a straight-guy, thinking like a straight guy, acting like a straight guy, to doing whatever Cam wanted me to. It was amazing! And I decided that I was going to hook… Read More »

Like a Long Road Home: Erotic Tales of Perilous Journeys

Product DescriptionFantasy/romance/erotica. Travel can be dangerous, but that danger does funny things to people. Sometimes the journey brings out a romantic spark that’s been there all along. Sometimes meeting a stranger leads to unexpected passion. The four stories in Like a Long Road Home explore the dangerously enticing side of perilous travel. Warning: Explicit Sex. Table of Contents: Touching Hemingway by L.A. Mistral Ota Discovers Fire by Vinnie Tesla… More… Read More »

The Girl Back Home

Product DescriptionSometimes what you spend your life looking for is waiting at home, right where it’s been all along. Jamie Basnight, 42, an expensive, attractive, successful lawyer from Durham, is moving back to the place she grew up to become a country lawyer. The reason for this drastic change is the ending of her 16 year relationship with the stunningly beautiful, Mary Ann, due to Jamie’s own mistakes. Starting over… Read More »