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Master and Servant ~ The fourth story from “Lust and Lace”, a Victorian Romance and Erotic short story collection

Product DescriptionSummary:Strange dreams and suppressed desire is haunting the young master of a large and neglected mansion. Without knowing, the new servant, Victor, is the source of forbidden temptation. An extract from the story:“Anything else, Sir?” he said and just slightly leaned closer, while his mind was having a rebellion against his behaviour. What was he doing? Was he insane? He would loose his employment! Ah, but he had not… Read More »

Friday the Rabbi Wore Lace: Jewish Lesbian Erotica

Product DescriptionIn true Jewish tradition, this book features literate, steamy erotica told with humor, heart, and chutzpah.Amazon.com ReviewWe read some works of fiction to escape from ourselves, and others to find ourselves. Whether Jewish lesbians will tear through this erotic anthology in a rapture of self-recognition, I can’t say, but aside from the occasional ecstatic reference to noodle kugel, there is nothing here to exclude or disorient other readers. In… Read More »