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The Lady Is A Vamp

Detective Nick Carter is a cop with a difference – not only does he investigate the hidden world of preternatural crime, but he is a telepath, able to read other people’s minds. Dealing with vampires and werevoles comes as an occupational hazard. When a young member of the local vampire lifestyle club is murdered, Nick finds himself involved in yet another case of unnatural dealings – but this time with… Read More »

Hump Day Freebie! New release Lady Blue

Happy Hump Day! Get this weeks hottest Kindle freebie courtesy of Xcite. CLICK HERE to get it now! What’s it about? Lady Blue is a short story collection with five hot new tales of lesbian lust. Lady Blue by Angela Goldsberry: Pulled over for drinking and driving, Elise is expecting her lousy night to end in a police cell. But Officer Conwell has other ways of dealing with naughty female offenders,… Read More »

Lady Blue – A collection of five lesbian erotic stories

Lady Blue by Angela Goldsberry Pulled over for drinking and driving, Elise is expecting her lousy night to end in a police cell. But Officer Conwell has other ways of dealing with naughty female offenders, and Elise is about to feel the full force of the law in the most delightful way.   Burmese Bells and Retro Rockets by Encarnita Round So just what happens at a “girls’ night in”?… Read More »

Just Another Lady by Penelope Friday – FREE on iTunes Book store

Regency lady Elinor has fallen on hard times. The death of her father and the entail of their house put Elinor and her mother in difficulty; and her mother’s illness has brought doctor’s bills that they cannot pay. Lucius Crozier was Elinor’s childhood friend and adversary; and there has always been a spark of attraction between the pair. Now renowned as a womaniser, he offers a marriage of convenience (for… Read More »

Our Lady of Wolves

Product DescriptionIn a village stalked by monsters, time is running out. Desperate, Kelly braves the toothsome forest and a ruined church to pray to the Lady of Wolves for help. But when a mysterious stranger–the first stranger in decades to find the dying town–appears with a wolf at her side, Kelly and the villagers are forced to make a radical choice. Grim and sensual, “Our Lady of Wolves” is a… Read More »

Lesbian Gigolo: The Ladies’ Lady of Los Angeles

Product DescriptionErotic Romance NovellaWARNING: Contains explicit descriptions of lesbian sexual acts. Intended for adults over the age of 18. ‘Lesbian Gigolo’ tells the story of Samantha Blue, a lesbian gigolo whose clients include some of the most wealthy and powerful women in Los Angeles. Follow along with Samantha as she serves and pleases the most sex-hungry power-women of L.A., including: CEO LAURA, a media mogul who pays Samantha to conduct… Read More »