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Lipstick Lovers wins award – your 50% off code here!

Lipstick Lovers, the hot anthology from Xcite Books has just won a coveted Samois Award given only to the best anthology of the year at The National Leather Awards. To celebrate, Lipstick Lovers is 50% off from now until the 24th! CLICK HERE to get your hands on the book when you use the code LIPSTICK at the checkout. In this sizzling selection of twenty erotic lesbian stories, find out what happens when women act on… Read More »

Lipstick Lesbian Lust: Carnal Candied Kisses

Product DescriptionLesbian lust runs deep between these two lipstick lesbians, and when the sexy femmes find themselves both performing at a private and very avant-garde holiday show for discriminating and celebrity lesbians, hot lesbian sex is all these two have on their mind. The lesbian femmes are given the unique opportunity to dance the dance of lesbian seduction during this unique occasion, and when another performer offers up her private… Read More »

Trio: A Novella of Lipstick Lesbian Romance & Passions

Product DescriptionDescription: ILLUSTRATED BEAUTIFULLY IN COLOR FOR IPAD, TABLETS, PCs. LOOKS GREAT ON ANDROID SMARTPHONES, TOO. A novella of lipstick lesbian romance filled with passion, sometimes wanton passion, proving love triangles can work out beautifully. The women met and explored their lusty desires online, growing to care deeply for each other as they discovered each other’s hopes, dreams, fears and most sensual desires. Jane, 40 year old … More >>… Read More »