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Sex, Love and Valentines – 20 erotic short stories

Product DescriptionMiranda Forbes has selected twenty wickedly sexy stories that have a fun, Valentines theme. This mixed anthology covers all our favourite themes and offers a wide selection of tantalising tales.Product DescriptionMiranda Forbes has selected twenty wickedly sexy stories that have a fun, Valentines theme. This mixed anthology covers all our favourite themes and offers a wide selection of tantalising tales…. More >> Sex, Love and Valentines – 20 erotic… Read More »

Timeless Love

Product DescriptionTimeless Love is the story of handsome 22-year-old Dan Parker, a gay college senior who meets the mysterious history professor, Dr. Abraham “Bram” Percival Bronwyn, an acclaimed scholar who seems to know everything there is to know about history. Working as Dr. Bronwyn’s research assistant on his newest book project, Dan feels an emotional and physical attraction toward the enigmatic professor, who looks to be around 33 or 34… Read More »

Diamond Dust – Cyber Love is Magical – Gay Seduction

Product Description WARNING! If Gay Sex offends you, DO NOT read! Otherwise, enjoy! He’s been in a relationship with a gorgeous guy for months now, but it has been purely electronic. Everything they do has been through webcams, until one day he gets up the courage to invite him over. But before that day comes, he wants to be ready. He wants to turn his fantasies into reality and he… Read More »

Lavender Love Diaries Vol. 2: Lesbian Taboo

Product DescriptionLesbian sex stories: Lavender Love Diaries – Vol 2 is a 18,000+ word, 10 erotic story collection, of steamy lesbian sex fantasies and lesbian taboo. Lavender Love Diaries is to the lesbian community, what the Red Shoe Diariesis to the heterosexual community. Lesbian erotica filled with hot, sultry sexual scenarios that will leave you titillated and aroused to the fullest. Written by lesbians, for lesbians, you can enjoy these… Read More »

I Sacrifice My Virginity For Love – Gay Hardcore

Product DescriptionWARNING:  If Man on Man Sex offends you, DO NOT read this book. Otherwise, enjoy!  Jason Roberts and Mitch Cavangher have been best friends since they were born. They’re so close, they do everything together! They’re both good-looking guys with nice solid bodies and they both make the girls go crazy.  Now that they’re in college, they’re still together. Jason knows how much Mitch wanted to be in a particular… Read More »

Pleasurable Abduction – Gay Military Love Story

Product DescriptionPeter braves the time he’s a prisoner of war where he encounters hell unimaginable. Peter May, a Naval Pilot in the British Army, is captured in the war between England and the Arabs. Being a prisoner of war, he’s suffering from the enemy’s corporal punishment inflicted on him, corporal punishment that’s beyond his wild imagination. In one of those times he’s sexually abused by the enemy’s army men, he… Read More »

Gay Men’s Guide to Love and Relationships

Product DescriptionGay men are entitled to have good, healthy friendships and good, healthy relationships. Unfortunately, gay men have often been perceived as “damaged goods,” and therefore often act out in self-abusive ways by choosing inappropriate or unavailable men to date or befriend. This book helps identify personality characteristics or behaviors that get in the way of successful relationships. It also presents how we all need to take responsibility for what… Read More »

Love Match

Product DescriptionParker “Kong” King is the number one tennis player in the world with a real talent for getting women in her bed. To prepare herself for the one title she’s never won—and avoid the press and her ex—she retreats to a secluded home in Press Cove, Alabama. There she’ll also be safe from the Soldiers of God who’ve threatened to kill her for what they see as her depraved… Read More »

Hopelessly In Love

Product DescriptionJosie Torrestino, president and half owner of J&M stores, is well known for her appetite for women. Having not been in a relationship with one woman since she was twenty-five years old, decided that she would never give her heart to another woman.Having to get away from an ugly situation in California, Josie decided to come to New York to settle an employee problem. While there, Josie meets Dana… Read More »

Lesbian Love: Best Friends Turned Lesbian Lovers

Product DescriptionLesbian love can often blossom between long-time best friends. In this tender, romantic and erotic lesbian love story, two best friends share 15 years of good, bad and crazy times with each other, until a pivotal point in one of the friends lives reveals a opportunity for best friends to become lesbian lovers. Is lesbian romance inevitable between these two best friends? It would also mean a lesbian first… Read More »