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Secrets of Lesbian Lust – New York City with the Girls

Product DescriptionThis book is for adults only. Preview… We had all just moved into this brand new development we are living in and by all, I mean my five girlfriends that moved in at the same time we did, my husband and seven year old daughter. The five girls, Mary, Tracy, Donna, Jayne and Bonny and I hit it right off and quickly became good friends. Our husbands all got… Read More »

The Lust Of A Vampire II

Product DescriptionA young male poet finds himself in a NYC skyscraper. A Vampire who has been searching the passed 700 years for the man he would spend eternity walking the nights with. This vampire has found the one he has sought. Not only does lust and passion, blood and life, drive the cursed soul on his search, but so does loneliness and the love that he seeks. From the book… Read More »