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Meet our Author of the Month, Lynn Lake!

Lynn Lake… That name sounds familiar, right? Of course it does, she appears in a huge number of anthologies with many publishers, including a whopping 70 with us at Xcite! If you’re a Lynn Lake fan you’ll be familiar with her trademark style and flair for all things sensuous and sexual. If you want to read some of Lynn’s work for free, catch her in our iTunes Freebies this week with… Read More »

Lust Bites with stories by Lynn Lake, Fulani, and others FREE on iTunes now!

Lust Bites with stories by Lynn Lake, Fulani, and others. A  collection of 5 erotic vampire-themed stories, including: Fang Fiend by Lynn Lake: She’s had many a fetish over the course of her sex life, but none so lasting and fearsome as her fetish for fangs. So when she can’t get true satisfaction close to home, she goes to even greater lengths to quench her craving, and comes to face… Read More »