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The Accidental Harem – Book Two of The Reluctant Master Trilogy

Rose is in love with her handsome young lawyer, and hates to have him learn about her fantasies of being bound and tortured into submission. But when she find him spanking his secretary over the desk, it seems they might have more in common than she thought. And when she learns that they’re actually master and slave, she can dream that he might have room in his life for another.… Read More »

The Unexpected Owner – Book Three of The Reluctant Master Trilogy

Larry and Bella are preparing for their wedding. Larry is making a name for himself as the legal defender of the BDSM scene, and Rose is content to spend an occasional evening as his Number Two Slave while her bondage devices are launched on the market. But their comfortable ménage is about to be upset by the mysterious Felix Culpa. They know him as the entrepreneur funding Rose’s inventions, but… Read More »

The Unwanted Slave – Book One of The Reluctant Master Trilogy

Larry is a gentle feministic New Man who reckons that women should be strong and independent, men who hit women are beneath contempt, and BDSM is just a cover for abuse.  Bella has been deeply hurt by a man who trained her as a slave then dumped her.  She reckons Larry would make a wonderful master – if she can only persuade him to take the role and enjoy it. … Read More »

The Brat and the Master

Set in London’s extraordinary world of fetish and sadomasochism, where love goes hand in hand with cruelty and obsession, The Brat and The Master is an erotic novel for modern times. More reality than fantasy, Jasmine, the Brat, and Adam, her master, will be familiar to some and disturbing to others as Aishling explores the dark underbelly of human sexuality. View full post on Xcite Books – New Books View full post… Read More »

Master and Servant ~ The fourth story from “Lust and Lace”, a Victorian Romance and Erotic short story collection

Product DescriptionSummary:Strange dreams and suppressed desire is haunting the young master of a large and neglected mansion. Without knowing, the new servant, Victor, is the source of forbidden temptation. An extract from the story:“Anything else, Sir?” he said and just slightly leaned closer, while his mind was having a rebellion against his behaviour. What was he doing? Was he insane? He would loose his employment! Ah, but he had not… Read More »

Gay Sex Slave: Adam Is Sexually Owned By His Fucking Master

Product DescriptionAdam’s Master takes the time to dress up as a little school girl, but instead of playing with him, he sends Adam out to run his errands. Uncomfortable in the clothes, humiliated by the snickers and catcalls he receives, he only wants to get home. But Adam’s ordeal is just beginning as Officer Gordon pulls him over for speeding. Adam has no choice but to obey his every command…but… Read More »

Master Class – Novella One

Product DescriptionIn Novella One the first four books of the delicious Master Class series are brought together for one fabulously naughty week at St Gregory’s school. Join Rebecca as she gives in to her lesbian lust in class and disgraces herself in front of her friends. Follow Louise through her journey of revenge, voyeurism, deviance and desire. Enjoy the temptation experienced by the naïve teacher Miss Kay as her girls… Read More »

You Master, Me Jane: An erotic memoir of sexual dominance, lesbian sex and submissive awakening

Product DescriptionI grew up in a good home. Loving parents, comfortably provided for, an elite girls’ school. You could say that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. And as I grew up, the world was handed to me on a silver platter. My life was great. Only problem? I hated it. I had no idea who I was. I was a good girl all my growing… Read More »