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Gay Men’s Guide to Love and Relationships

Product DescriptionGay men are entitled to have good, healthy friendships and good, healthy relationships. Unfortunately, gay men have often been perceived as “damaged goods,” and therefore often act out in self-abusive ways by choosing inappropriate or unavailable men to date or befriend. This book helps identify personality characteristics or behaviors that get in the way of successful relationships. It also presents how we all need to take responsibility for what… Read More »

Straight Men’s Gay Sex Seduction During Medical Exams – An Erotik Gay Sex Story

Product DescriptionMany straight men are uncomfortable having medical examinations. It is one of the few times in their lives when they will have to strip naked and be touched in their most intimate places by other men. This collecton of stories reveals how gay doctors can easily seduce red-blooded heterosexual men into accepting man-induced orgasms * Doctor Teaches Football Player His First College Lesson Dr McDowell strongly dislikes college jocks.… Read More »