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Addicted to the Mistress

David Warren has disappeared and confidential investigator Mark Collins has been hired to try and find him. Mark’s search turns into a thrilling personal odyssey as he becomes increasingly drawn into the deviant world of erotic domination and submission to which he discovers the elusive David now belongs. Mark’s investigations lead him to the vivacious and stunning Sarah who is heavily into BDSM. She awakens a dark and perverse sexuality… Read More »

Mistress Absolute

Robert’s life changes forever when he allows himself to get drawn into the deviant world of sexually dominant Tessa and her best friend Hannah, a powerful dominatrix. In the dark, erotic games the two women play with Robert they demonstrate how deliciously seductive and cruel they can be.  They take him on a journey of sexual awakening and Robert is forced to come to terms with himself as the profoundly… Read More »

The Mistress Femdom Series from Xcite Books

‘Incredibly erotic.’ – Siren Book Reviews ‘Gets a Multiple O’s rating. A real BDSM lover’s dream.’ – Romance Reviews Today. ‘Compelling and arousing — a sure-fire winner.’ – Forum Magazine Discover the great femdom erotic writing of Alex Jordaine in this best-selling erotic fiction series from Xcite Books. www.xcitebooks.com View full post on Xcite Sexy Stories

Bound to the Mistress

The House of Correction is owned by top London dominatrix Mistress Helena. It is where rich masochists stay to receive advanced slave training and become officially ‘collared’. Helena is aided in the maintenance of its strict disciplinary regime by Sylvie and Christopher. Christopher feels uncomfortable in this role, however, as he is essentially submissive. In order to resolve this conflict Helena agrees to his request to become a slave within… Read More »

Mistress Extreme – full length FemDom novel

Product DescriptionThird title in the highly acclaimed Mistress Femdom series. Praise for the series: ‘Incredibly erotic.’ – Siren Book Reviews ‘Gets a Multiple O’s rating. A real BDSM lover’s dream.’ – Romance Reviews Today. ‘Compelling and arousing – a sure-fire winner.’ – Forum Magazine SHE TORMENTS HIM TO THE EXTREME…AND BEYOND David falls under the hypnotic influence of stunning dominatrix, Mistress … More >> Mistress Extreme – full length FemDom… Read More »

Alex Jordaine talks about Mistress Severity and his femdom erotica series.

 Alex Jordaine is the UK’s leading Femdom author and his work has also been widely published in the USA. Alex talks here about his highly acclaimed ‘Mistress’ series of books and the latest thrilling addition to the series, ‘Mistress Severity’ ‘Mistress Severity’ is the latest in my ‘Mistress’ Femdom series. In these books strong women are firmly in charge and men are there to serve and obey them. All the… Read More »

Lesbian Domination: Submitting to my Lesbian Mistress

Product DescriptionLesbian domination from her lesbian mistress, is exactly what Meg gets from her partner Marisa. Marisa is a professional lesbian mistress and she has taught her partner Meg all about the pleasures of lesbian submission for their sexual fetish play. To their unsuspecting friends, Meg and Marisa are a quiet, loving lesbian couple. Behind closed doors however, in fact, behind a very specific closed door, this lesbian mistress and… Read More »

Surrender to the Mistress

Mark, Alice, Peter, and Jay are each of them very different submissives. But they share the same compulsive need – the same yearning – to submit completely to a powerful dominatrix. Mark is a closet masochist. He struggles to rebuild his shattered life when his wife leaves him, but everything changes when she discovers her own sadistic self.   Aliceis beautiful, sexy and full of naïve charm. Mistress Gale wants… Read More »

Lesbian Romance Sex: From Best Friend to Mistress

Product DescriptionAllison and Britta are best friends, but there’s always something more between them. A tug and pull that neither can explain or deny. But Allison is the one brave enough to take a chance, ordering Britta to her room, making her submit to Allison’s will. Again and again. Britta is all too willing to please her friend, her new mistress, anyway she can. This is an explicit erotica short… Read More »

Mistress Satina’s Slutmaid Academy – The Diary of a Dominatrix

A collection of three erotic stories with mixed themes including BDSM, CP, fem dom, f/f, TV. Serpentine tongues excite hard cocks, wet pussies and spanked butts at Mistress Satina’s famous Slutmaid Academy in Brighton after her evening punishment parade in the ballroom. Her Academy discipline routine of bare bottom canings for errant slutmaid trainees is followed by soothing “afterglow” parties in her boudoir for their spanked butts where Mistress Satina ensures… Read More »