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The Heavenly Baker – An erotic novella from Xcite Books by J J Monroe

Ava Michaels, the proprietor of “Little Angels” bakery is a born romantic who harbours a torch for celebrity baker, Matt Richards. When she catches her current boyfriend  in flagrante delicto she seeks solace and vodka in the shape of her best friend who decides there and then to enter Ava into the latest Heavenly Baker competition. Thinking nothing more of it, Ava is shocked to receive a call from the… Read More »

Midwinter Heat – an erotic romance novella

Product DescriptionSallyanne Rogers’ debut novella Midwinter Heat joins Xcite Books Secret Library. Tarot reader and New Age market trader Lucy finds the cards can’t help her when it comes to deciding between two very different men. Jon the tattoo artist is sex on legs as well as being fun to hang out with, but Lucy’s not sure she wants to tame a real bad boy. Toby, the new market manager,… Read More »

Voodoo Fetish – An erotic novella

Eloise has left Haiti for England, believing she’s left behind her the weird sexual experiences and voodoo rituals that shaped her time on “that island”. But an encounter with a dead witch in a London graveyard lets her know the spirits still have need of her, and the miraculous healing powers she can channel during intense, BDSM-themed sex. Can Eloise and a group of like-minded fetishists help save the life… Read More »

Watchers – an erotic novella

Product DescriptionWhen Maria discovers that her work-shy, car-mad husband Ken has befriended a girl called Suzy and is offering her employment she is stunned. What’s more, the waitressing jobs Suzy is doing are turning into explicit party acts and the demand for them is increasing. Maria needs to know what is going on between her husband and Suzy. And, more importantly, is she missing out on a business opportunity? Gradually,… Read More »

The Vampire Skye – an erotic novella with paranormal, lesbian, bdsm and menage themes

Product DescriptionAn erotic novella with paranormal, lesbian, bdsm and menage theme from Xcite Books, winners ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011 & 2012 Leah works for the Authority, a secretive Government department dedicated to managing the vampires who live in society and keeping their presence hidden from the human population. Her latest client, Skye, wants to flee the Authority’s restrictions and go off-programme – and if that means feeding… Read More »

Blackmail ~ A Gay Victorian Romance and Erotic Novella

Product DescriptionSummary:Surely young Mr Frederick Whyatt could never had imagined that he would manage to get himself all tangled up with a flamboyant rake and a pretty prostitute during his first trip to London? All he wanted was to see the wonders of the crown jewel of the British Empire while accompanying his parents and sister. Naive and innocent, he instead finds himself in love with a young gentleman, and… Read More »

Enchanted Submission – An erotic bdsm fantasy novella

Product DescriptionIt’s the night before Cinderella’s wedding and the girls are out on the town looking for some serious fun – especially Rapunzel. Tired of being a dominatrix to her wall skimming prince she’s hoping to surrender control to the broodingly gorgeous, newly divorced Beast, but she mustn’t forget about her naive friend Cinderella who’s in desperate need of an eye opener before she gets hitched to the fast and… Read More »

Free for your Kindle – Freefalling – an erotic romance novella from Xcite Books

 Freefalling – an erotic romance novella from Xcite Books (Xcite Romance) Free on Kindle 5-9th September Falling in love has just been scrubbed off artist Hayley Tring’s to-do list. But when the gorgeous Tom Holah commissions a painting, keeping her mind on the job and her hand on a paintbrush becomes a whole new challenge. Tom needs to brighten up his corporate image, but after a lust-filled night with Hayley… Read More »

Insatiable – An erotic romance novella

A contemporary erotic novella with m/f/m menage themes by Landrie Richards. All her life, Rachel has been the good girl who does what she’s told and neglects her own needs. When she heads out to a club in order to finally let loose, she gets more than she ever bargained for in a handsome stranger and his twin brother. With Rachel determined to shake her innocent image and cocksure Mark… Read More »

Vampire Lesbians – An Erotic Vampire Novella

Product DescriptionOne of many hot steamy sexual vampire stories from #1 Bestselling Kindle Author Joan Wilder Description: A reunion that immortality could only bring. What do you do when the love of your life returns to you after hundreds of years of loneliness? Yes I agree, I’d do the same thing; lots of wild sex. Reading Excerpt: “The feeling of our womanly softness colliding and becoming one is the feeling… Read More »