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It’s iTunesTuesday! Help yourself to some office favourites here.

Grab these sexy iTunesFreebies between 20th May and 2nd June! If you’re feeling extra naughty, you can check out more iTunesFreebies HERE and HERE. Pennny Ink by Alcamia Payne Enter the salacious world of power games, as tough and ultra sexy female boss – Penny Ink – employs her kinky biological weapon par excellence, to subdue her male workers. Penny certainly knows how to use her body’s unique ejaculatory female tool… Read More »

Your Asian Boy Slave – Office Politics are Hell – Gay Hardcore

Product DescriptionThis story contains sexual exchanges and activities between adult males, bothconsensual and non-consensual, and scenarios involving punishment/torture, bondage, domination/submission, humiliation, and exhibitionism. If you can’t bear to read such stuff or if it’s illegal for you to do so, please stop reading right here. Otherwise, enjoy! This story is about a submissive young (22-year-old) gay asian male who’s gone to work for a multi-na… More >> Your Asian Boy… Read More »

Show Me How to Lick: A First Lesbian Sex Office Sex Short

Product DescriptionAllie is concerned about the direction of the company after her boss has a heart attack. He was a great and tireless leader, and he was also grooming Allie for a promotion. His daughter, Serena, isn’t a bad person, but she’s just not doing the job. When a late night chance encounter at the office gives Allie the opportunity to show her business acumen, Serena is appreciative. She’s so… Read More »

Sex In The Office 2 – Lesbian Love

Product DescriptionImagine an office full of beautiful young men and women, an office where meetings turn into orgies, where a chance encounter by the photocopier leads to some very adult fun…………an office where every fantasy is acted out. Add Eve, a sexy 18 year old bisexual fresh out of college. When she starts her first job at the office, she’s more than ready to enjoy every new experience work can… Read More »