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Past Pleasures – Erotica set in times past

Viking invaders, punishing Pharaohs, naughty maids and lusty lords come together in this collection of hot historical erotica. In this selection of stories no one is quite as prim and proper – or as tightly laced up – as you might think. A feisty female highwayman finds love when she orders a duchess to stand and deliver, while a headstrong Southern Belle embarks on an erotic battle of wills with… Read More »

GREEK PLEASURES … and others stories

Product DescriptionStories: GREEK PLEASURES, STORMS IN YOUR BODY, DESTINATION PASSION, FIRE DROPS. About the author: ROBERTO ESCORDA: He is a writer and a film director. He is the Hispanic producer who has shot the widest amount of films, under different artistic names, within the adult entertainment industry. He has been the director of over a hundred movies and some of them have been winners of awards. He has also directed… Read More »