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Point of View – MM Gay Erotic Romance

Product DescriptionPoint of View is a 25,000 word erotic MM gay romance written in an interchanging form that presents both characters point of views in an well-defined and entertaining style. ***** Tyrus Lyon, the IT guy at his business, is the complete opposite of the type of man Mitch finds attractive. While Mitch is conservative and usually dates conservative men, Ty is stylishly edgy, fiesty, and all-around different – a… Read More »

Needle Point

Product DescriptionCameron McGill’s journalist sister, Carrie, has been found dead in an Amsterdam canal with needle marks all down her arm. No matter how she tries, Cameron can’t believe that Carrie would ever take drugs – even though the Dutch police are adamant that she did. When they close the case for good, Cameron is compelled to go to Amsterdam and find out exactly what happened to her sister. Once… Read More »