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Your Asian Boy Slave – Office Politics are Hell – Gay Hardcore

Product DescriptionThis story contains sexual exchanges and activities between adult males, bothconsensual and non-consensual, and scenarios involving punishment/torture, bondage, domination/submission, humiliation, and exhibitionism. If you can’t bear to read such stuff or if it’s illegal for you to do so, please stop reading right here. Otherwise, enjoy! This story is about a submissive young (22-year-old) gay asian male who’s gone to work for a multi-na… More >> Your Asian Boy… Read More »

Love And Politics

Product DescriptionEvelyn Stratford was once the brightest young mind in politics. The only daughter of the affluent Bannister family, Evelyn was brash, opinionated, and determined to climb the political ladder. But when her husband becomes governor, she takes on the demure role of first lady, and puts her own political ambitions on hold. Angelica Montalvo is the newest member of the governor’s office. She is hardworking, eager, and passionate about… Read More »