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Five minute fantasies 3 -arousing fiction for the discerning reader from Xcite Books

 Five Minute Fantasies ThreeFive Minute Fantasies Three The Five Minute Fantasies series offers arousing fiction for the discerning reader. Twenty erotic short stories by bestselling authors including Sommer Marsden, Primula Bond, Kitti Bernetti and Landon Dixon. Indulge, enjoy and come back for more with these five minutes stories that will get you out of day mode and straight into play mode! Men at Work by Elizabeth Cage Matt’s a workaholic.… Read More »

The Gay Talese Reader: Portraits and Encounters

Product DescriptionAs a young reporter for The New York Times, in 1961 Gay Talese published his first book, New York-A Serendipiter’s Journey, a series of vignettes and essays that began, “New York is a city of things unnoticed. It is a city with cats sleeping under parked cars, two stone armadillos crawling up St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and thousands of ants creeping on top of the Empire State Building.” Attention to… Read More »

The Freud Reader

Product DescriptionThe first single-volume work to capture Freud’s ideas as scientist, humanist, physician, and philosopher.What to read from the vast output of Sigmund Freud has long been a puzzle. Freudian thought permeates virtually every aspect of twentieth-century life; to understand Freud is to explore not only his scientific papers—on the psycho-sexual theory of human development, his theory of the mind, and the basic techniques of psychoanalysis—but also… More >> The… Read More »