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Aviator’s Hidden Turbulence – Forced Gay Seduction

Product DescriptionGraduating with straight A’s, Adam Standish is a smart boy. He dreams of becoming a pilot and he is about to realize his dream when… One senior pilot, John Poland, remarks about him being gay. How did he know? Adam’s heart begins to sink. Captain John Poland offers him to be a cabin crew instead. But Adam won’t settle for less! So, he refuses the offer, being firm on… Read More »

Diamond Dust – Cyber Love is Magical – Gay Seduction

Product Description WARNING! If Gay Sex offends you, DO NOT read! Otherwise, enjoy! He’s been in a relationship with a gorgeous guy for months now, but it has been purely electronic. Everything they do has been through webcams, until one day he gets up the courage to invite him over. But before that day comes, he wants to be ready. He wants to turn his fantasies into reality and he… Read More »

Probation Plebe – Gay Romance and Seduction

Product DescriptionTroy caught John’s eye the first day he was training as a sea cadet. Young and beautiful, John couldn’t help himself lusting after this creature. Being a senior, John can get through the trainees anytime he wants. He then learns that Troy comes from a poor family, and is striving for a sailing scholarship in preparation for his future. John wants to help Troy, the boy he’s been dreaming… Read More »


Product DescriptionWith a weakness for bossy men and facial hair, Jay is willing to serve up more than just drinks when a handsome stranger with long sideburns walks into his bar. But the object of his desire may be more than Jay can handle. Warning: light bondage and the blatant misuse of clothing items. 4,300 words… More >> Seduction

WHIP ME, LOVER! – Lesbian Seduction, Bondage and Domination

Product DescriptionI had a boyfriend, but I kept thinking about women. How would it feel to have a real woman in my hands, being rough and then gentle with her? I met Suzanne on the bus to college. She teased me, flirted with me, and took me down to the lakeside. In the forest, she gave me my first experience of hand, mouth and tongue with another woman. My first… Read More »

Straight Men’s Gay Sex Seduction During Medical Exams – An Erotik Gay Sex Story

Product DescriptionMany straight men are uncomfortable having medical examinations. It is one of the few times in their lives when they will have to strip naked and be touched in their most intimate places by other men. This collecton of stories reveals how gay doctors can easily seduce red-blooded heterosexual men into accepting man-induced orgasms * Doctor Teaches Football Player His First College Lesson Dr McDowell strongly dislikes college jocks.… Read More »

Seduction Games

Product DescriptionHer husband stolen by a former cheer leading teammate, Vicki drinks alone at a bar and wishes for a way to get back at Alexis and her horrible friends. Her opportunity comes when she runs into Fiona, another wronged former teammate, who is now dark, tattooed, and sexual. After winding up in bed together, they conspire to seduce and humiliate the women that wronged them. A lesbian sex romance… Read More »

The Seduction Of A Vampire

Product DescriptionA young man waits on the corner of a lonely street, in the hopes that a vampire will notice him. — He gets more than he ever thought possible and far sooner than he ever imagined. —- He will do anything. He will give up everything. — Lust, passionate, no closed doors. Who is seduced? The young mortal man, or the ancient vampire? Product DescriptionA young man waits on… Read More »

Photo Shoot – A Lesbian Seduction

Product DescriptionJessica is nervous. She wishes she’d never agreed to pose naked for a calendar, even if it is for charity.Ellie is nervous. She’s taking photos for a calendar, but she’s had a crush on the woman she’s photographing for so long….Sometimes, when two sexy young women become close, friendship can turn to desire. These women take that desire and act on it, both willing participants in acts of ever… Read More »