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Obsession – The Perfect Slave – Book Three

On Astor Kopalski’s birthday, Tristan is kidnapped in New York by Arab businessman Jummal and is now a prisoner deep in the South American jungle at the villa of vice king, Antonio. A complex game is about to be played out as the last three remaining masters of the historical bondage cabal, the jeu, each begin their own personal battles. For Jummal, it is facing up to the loss of… Read More »

Slave to the Machine by Aishling Morgan – full length erotic fantasy novel

 Slave to the Machine – full length erotic fantasy novel Slave to the Machine is fantasy for grown-ups who still like to play games. Waking up from death, Melody J finds her personality has been copied and recreated as a computer game character to satisfy teenage boys. Just like Tomb Raider Lara Croft, Melody J finds herself under the game player’s control, but that’s where the similarities end as she… Read More »

The Unwanted Slave – Book One of The Reluctant Master Trilogy

Larry is a gentle feministic New Man who reckons that women should be strong and independent, men who hit women are beneath contempt, and BDSM is just a cover for abuse.  Bella has been deeply hurt by a man who trained her as a slave then dumped her.  She reckons Larry would make a wonderful master – if she can only persuade him to take the role and enjoy it. … Read More »

Possession – The Perfect Slave Trilogy – Book Two

Tristan is the modern day slave of Astor, master of the clandestine slave circle called the jeu. Astor is intent on cleansing the jeu of its corrupt masters while fighting the demons of his past. Konstantine is the ancient slave of Abarak. Taken captive during the Crusades, his mind is opened to a panorama of bondage and sexual delight in pursuit of a dream of ancient spiritual bliss. Tristan is… Read More »

Your Asian Boy Slave – Office Politics are Hell – Gay Hardcore

Product DescriptionThis story contains sexual exchanges and activities between adult males, bothconsensual and non-consensual, and scenarios involving punishment/torture, bondage, domination/submission, humiliation, and exhibitionism. If you can’t bear to read such stuff or if it’s illegal for you to do so, please stop reading right here. Otherwise, enjoy! This story is about a submissive young (22-year-old) gay asian male who’s gone to work for a multi-na… More >> Your Asian Boy… Read More »

Devotion – The Perfect Slave Trilogy – Book One

Devotion – Book one in The Perfect Slave trilogy. A powerful contemporary gay erotic love story, with BDSM, historical and paranormal sub-themes When Tristan meets grand BDSM master Astor, he’s catapulted into an elite, clandestine world of seductive desire and power – an ancient system of servitude whose goal is sexual Nirvana. As Astor struggles to resurrect a crumbling network of corrupt masters, he attempts to groom Tristan as the… Read More »

Free for your #Kindle – Devotion – an erotic BDSM novel (The Perfect Slave Trilogy)

 Devotion – an erotic BDSM novel (The Perfect Slave Trilogy) Free on Kindle 3-7 Oct Devotion – Book one in The Perfect Slave trilogy Tristan Lorde is catapulted into a clandestine world of elite BDSM and a system of slavery whose goal is ultimate sexual Nirvana. It is called the jeu, and was brought back by Astor Kopalski’s Russian forebears from the crusades century ago. Astor has never recovered from… Read More »

Gay Sex Slave: Adam Is Sexually Owned By His Fucking Master

Product DescriptionAdam’s Master takes the time to dress up as a little school girl, but instead of playing with him, he sends Adam out to run his errands. Uncomfortable in the clothes, humiliated by the snickers and catcalls he receives, he only wants to get home. But Adam’s ordeal is just beginning as Officer Gordon pulls him over for speeding. Adam has no choice but to obey his every command…but… Read More »

Last Slave Standing – Five erotic tales of submission and domination

Domination and desire go hand in hand, but are you ready to submit to the ultimate in sexy seduction? Enjoy five varied, kinky tales of domination and submission that will get you hot under the collar! Last Slave Standing by Alex Jordaine Jay and two other hunky male slaves attend a select S&M play party to christen the new dungeon of Jay’s sadistic Mistress, Kate. She has created a thrillingly… Read More »


Product DescriptionSally falls in love with a handsome and rich fellow student, Prince Faisal, the cousin of the Ruler of a remote Arab country. Infatuated, she secretly marries him and then, even before the marriage is consummated, he flies her back to his own country to meet the Sheik, followed by what she imagines will be a romantic honeymoon …Product DescriptionSally falls in love with a handsome and rich fellow… Read More »