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5 star review for Restless Spirit by @SommerMarsden on @Lovehoney, the sexual happiness people.

Sommer Loving – Reviewed by RedCheeks, a Married Bisexual Female Having mainly read compilations of short stories in my experience with erotica, I was both excited to be reading a full length erotic novel and curious as to whether it would be able to hold my attention after my years of reading of short erotic stories. Restless Spirit, written by Sommer Marsden is just under two hundred and fifty pages… Read More »

Restless Spirit

All I can really add is WOW! Sommer has written a really great story that was full of brilliant sex, great characters, brilliant sex, excellent storyline oh, and did I say brilliant sex. Seriously it was a superbly hot erotic story that led you on and with a bit of a twist in the tail. Certainly twisted my tail hehe! – Pete Xcite Books – New Reviews View full post… Read More »

Restless Spirit by Sommer Marsden – reviewed by Midnight Boudoir

 Restless Spirit This was the first book I have read from Sommer Marsden and it certainly wont be my last wow what a great read. Its now 3.35 am I have just finished this compelling read and had to get some comments down before I finally give into sleep. Restless Spirit is an intense emotional journey which is well constructed and flows well within the 247 pages; an engrossing read from… Read More »