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Chicks Are For Fags: Five stories of straight men and gay sex.

Product DescriptionContinuing in the tradition of Brorotica, Chicks Are For Fags is a collection of five short stories about straight men having gay sex. The stories are hot, honest, dirty, sometimes funny, and always graphic. In The English Teacher, a college sophomore re-connects with his old high school English teacher. They quickly find they have some unfinished business that involves helping the student out of his pesky little virginity. In… Read More »

Gay Sex With Married Men Vol 2 – The Doctor’s Encounters With Straight Men Who Crave Gay Sex

Product DescriptionReaders who enjoyed Volume 1 of this series (Gay Sex with Married Men) will be delighted with this new volume of erotic stories. These concern the sexual encounters between a doctor and several of the married male patients who visit his surgery. Only adults over the age of 18 who are not offended by sexually explicit language should purchase this book.Product DescriptionReaders who enjoyed Volume 1 of this series… Read More »

“Gay for Pay” Straight Dudes: Stories from Inside the World of Gay Porn and Hung Hunks Who Who Go “Gay” When Cash Is On the Table

Product Description****ADULT CONTENT NOTICE! THIS IS AN EROTIC SHORT NOVELAdult Content: This book contains sexually graphic scenes depicting consenting adults, aged 18 or older, engaging in consensual sexual activities.If you do not wish to read about such acts, stop reading NOW.**** It is pretty well known that many of the gay porn world’s “stars” are really straight. What is not also known is how much these “straight” … More >>… Read More »

Straight Can Wait!: First Time Gay Experiences Erotica

Product DescriptionIn STRAIGHT CAN WAIT, Erotica writers Rusty Saber and Dominick Cummings explore the world of “straight” men having their first gay sexual experiences…sometimes under very taboo circumstances! In “My Step-Brother, My Lover”, Scott has had a crush on his handsome athletic straight older step-brother, Hank, since they met during high school. When Hank pays Scott a visit after a painful divorce, Scott finds out his step-brother may be open… Read More »

Scared Straight: A Lesbian Love Story

Product DescriptionReaders of Sentimental Bulls#*t will be surprised to know that the book was originally a lesbian love story for about ten years, until the book was totally rewritten. This is that original novel, complete with Shade’s original name of Megan, the original monkey and the absence of a suicide theme. This is the story of Rose who falls in love with her best friend Megan, and then disaster happens,… Read More »

Erotic Gay Sex Stories – Straight Men Who Want Gay Sex

Product DescriptionThere is a widely believed myth that men are either 100% heterosexual or 100% homosexual. That is, they either have sex exclusively with women or exclusively with men. But the truth is far different from the myth. In reality, sexuality can be very fluid for many – but not all – men. Many guys find themselves fantasising about having sex with their best mate or a stranger and, if… Read More »

Sex Tips For Straight Women from a Gay Man

Product Description Who better to unveil the mysteries of the he-man psyche than a woman’s best friend, the master of clever and refined thinking, the gay man? He knows exactly when, where, and how to elicit that ultimate ooh-ooh, because he knows all too well what he wants. Two fearless and dedicated scholars, Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman have conducted an intensive, lifelong survey on the subject of male pleasure,… Read More »

Gay, Straight, and the Reason Why: The Science of Sexual Orientation

Product DescriptionWhat causes a child to grow up gay or straight? In this book, neuroscientist Simon LeVay summarizes a wealth of scientific evidence that points to one inescapable conclusion: Sexual orientation results primarily from an interaction between genes, sex hormones, and the cells of the developing body and brain. LeVay helped create this field in 1991 with a much-publicized study in Science, where he reported on a difference in the… Read More »

Gay Dungeon for the Straight Boy

Product DescriptionHe’s straight! He’s gorgeous! And he’s defenceless in the dungeon!You need a handyman to demolish your backyard dungeon before your boyfriend and his parents arrive to inspect what they think is a granny flat. But what happens when the grumpy carpenter turns out to be a straight stud who wants to try out the sling so he can use it himself – on his girlfriend?Product DescriptionHe’s straight! He’s gorgeous!… Read More »

Brorotica: Five stories of straight men and gay sex

Product DescriptionSometimes being super straight is a little gay. Brorotica is a collection of five short stories about straight men who find themselves drawn to each other in unexpected ways. The stories are short, hot, and explicit. In the story Brotastic a friend asks his buddy a simple question: what’s it like to be with a dude? Luckily it doesn’t take much for him to find out. In Branding 101… Read More »